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Joelle - June 29

Hey I am 14 weeks pregnant now and im very excited... I have no trouble on finding a girls name whitch will Be Bella or Shyla if its a girl but for a boy im really stuck.. I Like Riley and i cant really think of other ones.. so what boy names do you guys like or names might help thanks


LN030905 - June 29

If we have a lil boy were naming him Noah Thomas. I also really like Jayden..but it sounds like a girls name, too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ethan and Wyatt, but my husband doesnt like them that much! haha!! Good luck..ull prolly have a boy since you cant think of any names!!! LOL!


Seredetia - June 29

I've always liked Brandon -- it's such a strong name. Nicolai is nice because my last name is very Russian...but I guess you could also use Nicholas or something similar. ;) May not fit with yours!! lol. Malachai I've liked for awhile...


Angelaw. - June 29

Hello Joelle, we are expecting a boy on Aug. 11th and his name will be Maxson Lee, our other ds's name is Aidan James. Here are some other names that we considered (that I can remember): Aaron, Avery, Brett, Brogan, Baylor, Cameron, Cole, Colton, Eliott, Eli, Gavin, Graham, Garret, Ian, Jonas, Jonah, Kael, Liam, Lance, Lucas, Luke, Milo, Martin, Mitchell, Nolan, Owen, Oliver, Peyton, Riley-- we loved Riley, but then my bf named her dog Riley and dh could not get past it :( We had Riley Joseph picked out, Samuel, Scott, Skylar, Shane, Tate, Toby. That is all I can think of, our "workable list" was not nearly that long that is a compilation of some names that one of us liked, but the other vetoed as well as names we both liked! Good Luck and FWIW, I like Bella better for a girl ;) !


mandie - June 29

If I have a boy (I find out on July 5th) his name will be Noah Jacob. My other choices were Caleb, Kevin, Trevor, Michael, Joshua...I don't like names that are TOO weird, but I also don't want my kid to have 3 other people in their kindergarten cla__s with their same name.


livdea - June 30

if you like Riley, what about Ryder? I love that name!


sophandbob - June 30

My little lad will be tristan william stuart. we were actually over run with names, and I could've gone on for ever, hence the 2 middle names. I also like jack, josh, samuel, benjamn, george and ephriam


Olivene - June 30

Just beware that Riley is increasingly popular for girls now. Bella is very lovely! When I thought I might be having a boy, I liked Remy. I l=kind of like the suggestion of Ryder, too.


LN030905 - June 30

Those are very cute names! I, too, l love Jayden, but there is a lil girl from this town whos name is that and she is a TERROR!!!! haha!! Everyone always says..dont name ur child "Jayden" or they will turn out like her..isnt that awful!? I really do love it though! Maybe I will mention it to my hubby..I like it better for a boy! I also LOVE Gavin! Thats so cute...the name my hubby is currently stuck on for a lil boy is Montgomery...since we have the middle and of course last name picked would be Montgomery Thomas Richard....I dont care for that. Montgomery Richard sounds like a country band. I really like that name Nathan! its uncommon around here, but my brother in law is Nathan! We have a hard time agreeing bc my name is Lerin..which is different and hes Tommy or "Tom"..I like the odd names and he likes the straight as a pole strong names. Hes boring! LOL! !!!! jk!


frankschick2001 - June 30

I like traditional boy names like Michael, Andrew, Joseph, Matthew. Ethan is very nice too.


kimholl28 - June 30

I think Riley is cute. Also love Isaac.


jas - July 2

I like Noah.. I like odd ball names too. Before Nathan was Nathan, we thought of Sebastian, Vincent, Ethan, Ian... He ended up being Nathan because after 12 hours of staring at him he just "looked" like a Nathan. Poor baby went all day without a name. We were prepared for a girl... oops :)


rns91294 - July 2

I like Cole, Dane and Blane.


rmb3236 - July 2

The names that I like for boys are: Aden Ian Ethan Adrian



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