Helping My Sister

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???? - October 7

Hi! everyone I myself am pregnat 25 weeks but to be honest this ? is about my sis I just found out a couple of days ago she's pregnat she's very depressed about it and don't want to tell my mom for tha fact that this will probley make my mom mad the problem is that all my younger sis got preg before getting married my first sister that is 20 now got pregnat at 14 yrs and my other sis that now is 21 got pregnat at 17 and the other that is 17 now got pregnat last year and now my sis that is 23 I know that there is no problem with that age I first got married and then got pregnat to get to the point my mom is sick and all my sis have put her down for thier mistakes now my sis that is pregnat now she wants to have a abortion Im agnist it and I told her so I also told her that many times I told her to take care of her self but she would always say it was gonna be hard for her to get preg for the fact that she is cubby now that she found out that she's pregnat she's depressed and wants to get rid of it her boyfriend is willing to help her but she don't want to I guess also cuz she's afraid of telling my mom the reason being she might feel more sick....(my mom) I want to help her but she wont let me and I can't stand the fact that she wants a ABORTION what do I I can't let her do that........anybody have advise.......


Steph - October 7

There's nothing that you can really do to keep her from getting an abortion. If she and her boyfriend want to get one, than that is their business. I would say that the best thing for you to do is to be a supportive sister no matter what she chooses even if you don't agree with it. You don't need to be elated that she's getting one to make her feel better, but I don't think that you should become high and mighty on her regarding your feelings about abortion. Everyone has different ideas and different feelings on things especially abortion. Good Luck to you.


karen - October 7

This is hard to read with no punctuation. :) I admire you for wanting to help your sister. Personally, every time I go to webites that show the baby's development, I wonder how anyone could possibly go through with an abortion. Maybe if you show your sister the development that occurs in her baby every week, she will realize there is a little person living in there. If she does not want the baby, giving it up for adoption would make her a real hero.



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