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candicejohnson - March 21

ok i had my period the week of valentines day but im thinking i got pregnant a few days before my period is that possible and also it wasnt really like a normal period it lasted longer and it was only like spotting a few of those days please answer!


TRESWIFEY - March 21



Ceno - March 21

Getting pregnant a few days BEFORE your period...I wouldn't really think so. Maybe right after your period...that would occur if your cycle is short, leading to an earlier ovulation. However, you say that period wasn't "normal," but rather more like spotting. So it's possible you may have already conceived prior to that "period." When was your last NORMAL period, the one prior to this spotting? How long are your average cycles? And did you have s_x mid cycle? The answers to those questions could help determine if you did conceive.


candicejohnson - March 21

i never really keep track of my periods because most of the time there not regular anyways but i know i had a period around the weekend of valentines day and i found out i was pregnant on the 15th of march i took a hpt a few weeks before and it said negative and then i took one the 15th said pos and i also took another one the 16th said pos i was thinking if i did concieve before my period then it would prob be about 5-6 weeks tho am i right im new to all of this its my first child and im only 19 so if you guys would help me out that would be great ... got a doc appt on the 29th thanks


redphoenixx10468 - March 21

Well if your LMP was around Vday and you had a positive HPT, then, of course, you're pregnant. :) You'd be about 6 weeks now...according to your LMP, which was about Vday like I said. Your appointment is soon, which can give you basically similar information. To confirm the age of the fetus, maybe you'd have to wait a little longer, since at this stage it's hard to determine approximate conception dates, since they're still so small, though they can give you an idea. Congratulations though on your baby. I wish you only the best. Though it may be hard at times, always remember the laughter and smiles that await you. If you need any additional help or have any other questions, hopefully I among others can help you on this site. :-D


redphoenixx10468 - March 21

By the way, I'm also


candicejohnson - April 5

so i went to the doctor today and they couldnt determine how far along i was i go back on the 11th for a ultrasound but they tryed to see if they could hear a heartbeat with a doppler and they did there saying im about 9-10 weeks along how exciting thanks for all your help ill keep you posted


kmgn23 - April 6

My last Menstrual Period on March 18th was Abnormal started out with a beige/brownish discharge on my undies but then it went away then that later in the morning I started to have a light period with only milde cramps for a day then after i was bleeding lightly for a few days it slowed and I started have dark discharge for 2 days then started spotting the last couple of days which isnt normal at all. Now I have regular periods and they have been normal since my second son was born 6-7 months ago, this one in March was abnormal, plus I have white nipple discharge when you squeeze my nipples, I have had a tingly sensation in my b___bs off and on, bloating, slightly crampyness, moody, and tired since my last period in March. Also after my last AF I have been having discharge like raw egg whties everyday then it would dry up and when I and my husband were getting ready to have s_x a couple of days ago he thought i was c_mming but i wasnt it was discharge runny, then it stopped and today i felt wet so i checked and it was kinds sticky lotiony white with a hint of yellow discharge. Can u help me please? Thanks


Ceno - April 6

To kmgn23 -- If you had unprotected s_x prior to that abnormal period in March, about midway of your cycle if you're regular, then there is a possibility. You have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms. The only sure way of confirming pregnancy is by taking an HPT. If you are, at this point, it should show up positive.



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