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fahim - May 8

I am 14 weeks preg. I used to feel my little one move (little flutters like butterfly) since I was 11 wks preg. This is my first pregnancy. It's been 4 days since I felt the little flutters. I am SCARED. Has anyone gone through the same experience? Please answer ASAP.


kate - May 8

Yes! My baby's movements didn't become regular (feeling them every day) until about 25 weeks so I totally know how you feel, it scared me too. I'm now 31 weeks pregnant and still get paranoid that it isn't kicking enough/too much!!!!! Doctor told me not to worry about how often you feel movement until 28 weeks and then you should feel 10 kicks or wriggles per day. Hope i've been of some help! If you're really worried phone your doc or midwife - that's what they're there for! Good luck.


fahim - May 8

kate!!!! thank you so much for you answer ahhhh god thank you for your help god bless your baby .


Stephanie - May 9

I am going through the same thing. I am 22 weeks prego and I think I had been feeling movements since about 12 weeks. They were for the most part regular. I felt them all the time. the last 3 weeks they have been few and far between. Sometimes I go days without feeling a thing. I go to the doc. tomorrow for a regular visit and I will ask them then. I'm scared too. But I did call last week and they said not to worry until after the 25th week or so. They said she could be sleeping alot, or turned inward so she may be kicking inward. Good luck.


Maleficent - May 9

at 14 weeks it's likely that the baby has just wiggled it's self behind some part of your anatomy and is "hiding out". at could be getting a little crowded at his point. not as much room to move around means not as much movement. i'm close to 23 weeks and because the placenta is up front i'm JUST NOW feeling movement. i know how scary it can be to not feel the baby moving around. i feel everything alot more when i've got a full bladder, you might try that. just don't panic, if you think something is really wrong then call you doctor. good luck!


any one - May 9

ah god i am 15 weeks preg i am just like you fahim i did not feel my baby since 4 to 5 days please help i am WORRIED for may baby please help!!!!god bless your babys pl answer



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