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Eryn - May 2

I think this is a new qustion, What baby products have you purchased in the past (br___t pumps, strollers, ect.) that you love and what one's did you hate? Just so news moms know what to steer clear ofand what to get. Thanks


jen - May 2

pampers nappies are the way to go. all the others leaked or made my son sore. and get a nappy disposal bin for all the used ones. ooh and muslin squares for over your shoulder while you are burping baby


Jbear - May 2

I love my Evenflo stroller. One of the best things I had when my daughter was an infant was an exersaucer. Playtex Ventflow baby bottles seemed to reduce gas and spitting up.


Stephanie - May 3

I hated the Diaper Genie. I found it completly worthless and a wate of money. Truly, when you change your baby's diaper, any trash container will do. If your house smells like baby poop, take out the trash. I HATE the diaper genie. What a pain in the a__s.


Jenb - May 3

I love my Bobby for nursing. I got a Medela b___st pump that worked great. I was lucky, my insurance paid for it otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it. It was $300! The lactation nurse at the hospital helped me get it. Check and see if your insurance policies will cover stuff that you don't know about. If you don't ask they won't volunteer the info. I am with Stephanie, my "odor free" diaper pail fell apart after 2 months and smelled as bad as it would in a trash can. I like pampers best too. My bouncy seat that vibrates was a lifesaver. One piece outfits that snap are so much cozier and easier to put on baby. Avoid ones that snap the whole way but have a solid band at the ankle so you have to take off their shoes to get the feet out to change their diaper. Umm thats all I can think of. :0)


C - May 3

The fisherprice bouncer chair that vibrates and the ocean wonders swing from fisherprice too - life savers!! Baby and mommy and daddy LOVED them!


Maleficent - May 3

if you're going to nurse i LOVE lansinoh's b___st pads. i also would have lost my mind without a sling. some people love them, some people hate them, so that's for you to decide; my babies we're happy slingers for up to a year. i hated the diaper genie too, what a pain! cloth diapers are great burp towels.


Laura - May 3

I 've heard a lot of bad things about the Diaper Genie. It must really suck!


nhb - May 4

My son hated pampers--he'd wet through them during the night (he's a pretty good sleeper) and then in the morning all that stuffing from the inside (the absorbent stuff) leaked out all over his clothes and body. Huggies are the only ones he'll use and not get a rash from . . . I didn't use the diaper genie either :) And Lansinoh is AWESOME!!!


TX Girrrl - May 4

There are so many gimmicks out there, it's not even funny. You'll be amazed at how few products you really need to get through the day with baby. Some of my suggestions are: 1)a stroller where the infant seat attaches (so you're not having to wake baby getting him from car seat to stroller, 2) Wal-Mart Dribottom diapers did right by both my kids for about half the price of name brands, 3) the Boppy pillow was not of much use for nursing, a regular bed pillow was more comfortable and worked better, 4) if you're going the formula route, the sectioned cup with a lid that rotates is quick and easy to use to preportion powder formula. Happy shopping!


nelly - May 4

i love the playtex bottles with the drop ins they are great because you can squeeze all the air out of them and you dont have to scrub them like the other kind.


e - May 4

My sil and bil just had a baby a month ago, and they refused to buy anything other then those ventaire bottles...well so far they have been horrible...not effective at keeping gas away, and he either can't get enough or gets way too much formula, so he either gets frustrated at not being able to get any or chokes from getting too much! and yes they have tried buying new ones, they are all that way. i have another friend who is having her second baby, and she said she refuses to use the ventaire as they do not work.


BBK - May 4

Good question and great info. My wife's friend keeps telling her that the disposable bottles and nipples are great. Does anyone have any experience with them? Other friends told me they are not that great.



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