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Ciara - June 16

Hey many intense questions and exchanges going on here lately...I just thought this would be a fun and interesting little survey thing so that we can learn more about one another. What is everyone's age...due date (if they are currently pregnant), or if you are TTC, how long have you been trying for, you have any other children? I will start since it is my question. I am due date is September 23rd, and I have two other children...a 3-year old little boy (Adam), and a 6 year old little girl (Ava).


leslie - June 16

my name is leslie, I turned 20 2 weeks ago, I am going to be a first time mommy to a little boy(we don't know what to name him yet) I am from Miami Beach Fl. and in my family there is 6 children in total; 3 girls and 3 boys. sorry if its TMI :)


Jessie - June 16

I know you asked me on the "sacred for baby" forum what my age is but I wont post there any more so I will answer you here. I am 24, This is my first baby after 6 years of TTC (its a long story why I started TTC so early in life) and my due date is October 8th.


Ciara - June 16

Hi Leslie...nice to meet you...congratulations on being a mommy. It's the greatest thing in the world!!! That's a good thing to add to this question too....where everyone is from. I am from Ohio


Ciara - June 16

Hi Jessie...nice to meet you too!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy after trying to conceive for soooo long. I'm sure you will be an excellent mommy and your child well-loved.


Christina - June 16

I am 24, my due date is August 26th and this is my first. It is a boy! We are going to name him Dylan, but don't have a middle name yet. Was not trying to conceive, but happy we did!


erica - June 16

Hi I'm 22...on my 3rd month ttc after going off the pill. Congrats on your pregnancy.


Christina - June 16

Good luck erica, hope it happens for you soon!! :)


erica - June 16

Thanks Christina...I don't think it will be this month unfortunately...I go in for a colposcopy the 21st, and you aren't supposed to bd for like a week after this month is kind of ruined...I guess we will see about next month after I get the results from the test...


Christina - June 16

Darn, well hopefully you will be good to go next month! Have you been doing ovulation predictors and all that?


stephanie - June 16

My name is Stephanie i'm 28 this is my's a GIRL.....from North Carolina....


erica - June 16

Not yet....we decided we wouldn't try too hard at first, just have fun and see what happens...if I go 6 months and nothing happens I might try the opk's. My obgyn said to give it a year.


Rachel* - June 16

I am 29, due date 9/27. It is our first and it's a girl :) We are going to name her Sarah and are still searching for a middle name. I am from Southern California.


Rose - June 16

Hi!! Congratulations to all the mommy's to be and many prayers for all of those ttc. I am 29 and I am due December 31st. I am not sure yet what I am having, 7 more weeks until the ultrasound. This is my second baby, I already have a 3 1/2 year old little girl. This one was a "pleasant" surprise. "We" are from Michigan.


Jen - June 16

hi, I am 24, and I am pregnant with our second child. I have a soon to be 1 year old, and it only took me and DH a few weeks to get pregnant both times!


Jana - June 16

I am 32 with no children but ttc and have been ttc going on the 3rd month after getting off the pill. Thought we might have done it this past month (since I am STILL 3 weeks late) but all my HPTs, blood work, everything is BFN. Maybe next go round.


Julz - June 16

Hi, my name is Julie. I'm 24 and pregnant with my 3rd child. I already have a boy (Camden) who is 4, and a girl (Ashtyn) who is 16 mos. and I'm from Pennsylvania.



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