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Hi everyone! This is Diviya! Some of you may know me, I've to post here for a while. So, yeah! Just need some motivation and assurance from you people. I'm not actually a peoples person. So, yeah! Wish me luck! I've got my IVF dates for next month. Yes! I've been waiting for so long! I'm just having an unwanted fear and nervousness! So, yeah! I really want a child. But, still....I'm having bad thoughts. Mostly, related to fear of failure. 


monikadavid - June 24

Hey I hope you're well. I think it is not a good sign that you're feeling negative about it. You should feel positive at all times. I would suggest that you opt for Yoga. It will help release stress and make you feel better. IVF has proven to be successful for a lot of couples. Therefore, I am sure it will be a success for you as well. Just stay strong and positive about you. Which ever clinic you are visiting make sure they have a high success rate. A doctor who has a high success rate is the one who knows how to do such treatments. Your life will get busy once the process start. You will be required to inject yourself thrice a day. During the procedure make sure to eat healthily. Best of luck and stay strong! Sending baby dust your way!


erin_wales - July 9

I hope you are doing well. Dear, you'd not think negative. The more your think pessimistic, the more you'll lose hope. Well, yoga is best for releasing mental stress. It will definitely help you to get both mentally and physically stable. IVF treatment is one of the famous infertility treatments. But in your case, it's not suitable. Because in IVF, an intended mother carries the child. So, you'd be both mentally and physically strong to go through the procedure. In most cases, IVF results in miscarriage. While in surrogacy, a surrogate carries IP's child. So, there's a very rare chance of failure. I have read many surrogacy success stories. People have praised a prominent clinic in Euopre and successfully had surrogacy treatment from there! Wishing you all the best!


Samiah - July 10

Hi there how are you? I hope you are fine. Thanks for sharing your words with us. I hope you will get good piece of advice from people here. Dear, be positive. Be relaxed and hopeful. Don't think so much about this. I think Erin is right IVF will not be suitable for you. It will be risky as you have to carry the child. I have seen many failures in IVF. So I will suggest you go for surrogacy. It will work for you. As third woman will be involved during this process. So there is no chance of failure. Clinics in Europe are very prominent in this regard. They are creating families from years. Choosing a trustworthy clinic is very important. People from all over the world trust them. I will suggest you go for it. My good wishes and prayers are with you. Good luck.


liana121 - July 10

Dear don't worry. I know that happens in this situation. My aunt was also infertile. She contacted Lotus clinic for the suggestion. They didn't respond her back. She was so disappointed with that. Then she moved to Europe. There she found a clinic. They suggested her IVF. It was not successful in the first attempt. The second attempt was also failed. In the third attempt, it was successful. She conceived. She had a daughter through IVF.Don't lose hope. You will succeed soon


matinajohn785 - July 28

Hi! Hope so you are doig good. I'm pleased that you are having IVF. It's really a great thing to overcome infertility. People are getting so much help from it. Just choose the best clinic for it. And stay strong and be hopeful. Everything will be fine. My sympathies


pitjulie19 - July 30

Hello! How are you? IVF is a miracle for infertile couples. It's really a great thing to overcome infertility. It seems beneficial thing. The only difficulty a woman faces is to choose the best clinic for her. I hope you will find the best one and become successful soon. My sympathies


CleoMarvel - August 20

Hi there, I wish you the best of luck. It is strange that sometimes talking to strangers help reduce the fears and nervousness. Try to take it in your stride because too much stress and worry is also not good. And failure is the first step of success So do not fear it! It will go smoothly ad wonderfully.


flora12 - August 23

Hey there, Diviya. I know you must be feeling anxious right now. But hey? You have to think positive. Positivity leads to better things, just remember that. IVF is an amazing procedure to get pregnant from. I hope you've chosen a clinic with high success rates, as the success of your process depends on the clinic you're going to. Anyway, just pray to God and remain calm. Lots of love! 



Hello everyone! Thanks a lot for the support! Still, I have a really profounding and sad news. I had my first IVF and failed. Couldn't get pregnant. Well, I know I need to be strong! But, still,l I just got wasted another month. Should have opted for surrogacy already. I couldn't even get pregnant with it. I really am devastated now. Just need some luck now! Can't waste any time. I'm still thinking and not sure of surrogacy. :( My friend is suggesting a center for it. She had it there. Please, feel free to advise! 


erin_wales - August 27

Hey Divya, hope you are okay now. Dear, don't worry as this fear is normal in such conditions. I can feel you as I've also faced such a situation. I was feeling nervous when I decided to go for surrogacy. But luckily, the clinic I've opted for surrogacy was the best one. Their management and staff were so corporative. So they cleared all my doubts. Dear, as much IVF concerns, verily it's the most practiced treatment for infertility. But the main problem in this regard is choosing a decent centre. There are many clinics around offering IVF with high success rates. But still, there's a chance for the failure. Also, IVF requires good physical and mental conditions. To be honest, there are very few success chances for you to get success this time. If you are feeling uncomfortable with IVF, beloved, time is still in hand. You can still change your mind. Surrogacy is another successful way of having babies. Also, the health risk is almost zero. You may give it a try.


bena12 - August 27

Aww dear, I can understand your situation. Its been very tough for you. It's a bit painful too. I can understand your fears. That's normal during IVF treatment. IVF is a blessing for people like you. This is the best treatment to have your own baby. So there is no need to get worried. Be positive and confident. Everything will be fine. Trust me it will be successful. So don't let your moral down. Wish you best of luck for that. My best wishes are with you


Augustina - August 29

Hello! Hope you are doing alright! IVF is a bit painful process! I hope it works for you! I am not in the favour of IVF because it did not work for my sister! She had gone through a pain but her process got failed after 2nd cycle! She opted for surrogacy then! But it all depends upon your luck and the clinic you choose as well! She went to a clinic in Ukraine! Which is famous for these services! After doing the mistake of going to the wrong clinic, she chose a right one! Doctors handled her with care and affection! She is a mother of a beautiful daughter via surrogacy! You should do a proper search before going to any clinic! I hope things work out for you! Good luck!



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