Hibernating Baby

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aussiegal - April 8

im 23 wks pregnant with my 1st child and yet to feel it moving around....is this "normal"? i mean i can feel my tummy get really hard just below my belly button when i stand up after bending over but thats about it. when will i feel my baby start to kick me?? im really eager for it to happen!!!!!


nhb - April 8

It's usually around 18-20 weeks, I think, for a first baby, but if your dr hasn't said anything, I'd just ask to be sure . . . It kind of feels like gas bubbles, or "b___terflies" moving through your stomach at first; then, you'll start seeing feet, elbows, foreheads, bottoms, etc sticking out of your belly and sides!!


C - April 8

My doctore always told me to drink a gla__s of water and lay on my side and that always worked


JB - April 8

aussiegal, I'm 22 weeks and first felt movement last week. I was starting to worry, too, because everyone says you should feel movement by 20 weeks. I still don't fell him moving alot, mostly when I'm sitting still or laying down. Just remember everyone is different. Good luck.


toes - April 8

aussiegal, if you drink water trying to get your baby moving, make it COLD. Whenever our baby stops long enough for my wife to get concerned, she just chugs a cold gla__s of water and it wakes the baby right up! course then the problem is getting her to go to sleep....


hey - April 8

feels a little like rumbly gas so sometimes it's hard to tell if it really is gas or baby. chances are, it's baby.


emily - April 8

if your placenta is positioned across where your belly b___ton is, it may take longer to feel the baby move. but once you do feel it, you will feel it everyday there after...


aussiegal - April 8

thanx for your replies guys!! i might try the cold gla__s of water thing and see how i go! i forgot to mention that i felt a slight case of "bubbles" a couple of weeks ago but that was it!!!! ive just come to the conclusion that i have a lazy baby that likes its sleep like its mum!!!! take care all! xox


Foxy - April 9

I've been feeling bubbles for weeks but it stopped completely for about 3 weeks and then started again. I'm sure it's the baby, cos it's different to any other feeling I've had. Babies like to move around mostly at night when you're asleep, so you may be unaware cos of this. I'm going to try that water thing myself.


Louise - April 11

I'm glad someone asked this question. I am in my 19th week and have only felt the baby move once 10 days ago. I was starting to get worried. Mainly, it was because so many of the pregnancy books say you'll start to feel it around the 16th-18th week. Thank goodness for sites like this that help you get through all these worries when doctors act as if all these questions are silly and should be obvious to you.


Beth S - April 11

I started feeling my little boy move around and kicking me about 16 weeks and this is my first pregnancy



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