Hidding Pregnancy What Do You Think

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kaye - July 11

I am 16-17 weeks pregnant, and it shows when I were form fitting shirts. I am placing my baby for adoption after birth, I am moving away from my home town at the end of this month to hide this pregnancy from the stigma of adoption. My problem is- I still have a month before I move! Would it be bad for baby to wear a girtle or something to pull my stomach in?


Steph - July 11

I don't think that you should wear anything to constrict your stomach during pregnancy...it just does not seem like a good idea. I think that the best way to hide it would be to layer your clothes, or wear things that are kind of ruffly at the bottom.


Ray - July 11

I know someone who tried hiding their stomach with girdles and tights pants and such and their baby came out with 3 toes on one foot because holding the stomach in had cut of circulation to the foot. Don' t do it.


C - July 11

I'm not a doctor, nor have a I read anything on the internet, but to me, it seems like a bad idea to restrict your stomach. Maybe try wearing bigger shirts. Do you plan on keeping your pregnancy a secret forever? I'm not trying to sound harsh, just curious. If I was in your shoes, I would be a little concerned that my baby would some day in the future want to contact me. If your family doesn't find out now, what happens if they find out later? By the way, I think it's great that you have didn't choose the abortion path. I'm sure your baby will be loved and raised by a wonderful family.


Lissi - July 11

No, never constrist your stomach. It's probably best to wear baggy t-shirts if you are desperate to hide it. I didn't look pregnant when I did that. I know it's not very glamorous, but it's only for a month.


Heidi - July 11

My mom tells me about this gal in town that is sort of deformed and handicapped and has to ride around in a scooter all day. She said back in the days when it was a sin to be pregnant out of wedlock, this woman they knew would bind her stomach with bandages to hide her pregnancy cus she wasn't married. Everyone thinks that's why her daughter is deformed and severely handicapped. I'd just wear baggier clothes if I were you.


To kaye - July 11

Yeah, I don't think it would be good to wear things that keep your stomach really tight...think of it as squishing the baby... the baby needs that room. Try the layers... also with regular t-shirts it could be hard to tell at your stage. Layers are good... but if it's hot try t-shirts w/ sweats or shorts.


Melissa - July 11

My friend hid her pregnancy from EVERYONE except her boyfriend until the day she went into labor! She was a sophomore and always just wore hoodies and big shirts... no one knew she was pregnant - just though she was getting pretty fat. So I guess it's possible but I wouldn't do anything to pull your stomach in - I agree... baggy clothes... wear something that takes the attention off of your stomach... a scarves or something maybe? (I don't know if it's hot where you live, just a suggestion) =)


Julie - July 11

I would ask your doctor I don't know that wearing tight clothes is a good idea and would probably be really uncomfortable for you. I know people didn't even realize I was pregnant until about 22 weeks. Try wearing something bigger than your normal size. Good luck. Oh they have those style shirts out now days that look like maternity shirts I would try those.


kaye - July 11

c- I am not planning to hide this until baby is born- there is NO WAY! I would like to hide it until the 26th of this month when I leave for new home. Thank you everyone for advice...baggy cloths it is



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