Hide Pregnancy From Inlaws Kinda Long

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Meagan - February 27

I posted this (?) in another place, but I need all the advice I can get. My first pregnancy was kind of rough. I had severe nausea and dyhydration. My mother inlaw was making it a bit more stressful with her horror stories of delivery, and selfish demands. ( they are all too long to list). Even when I asked her to not tell me such things she would still do it. During that pregnancy, my doc said that i had a high level of stress. I ended up having a c-section. With this pregnancy I want to try a va___al delivery. My hubby and I think it is best to not tell her until I deliver at the hospital. I just don't feel like dealing with her demands, by the way she is still compet_tive with me, so we have a rocky relationship. should we keep it a secret?


Meagan - February 27

I forgot to mention that Im only 9 weeks pregnant. She thought I was pregnant several months ago, and everyone started calling us non-stop. As early as 2AM!!! With my first baby, we had no time alone when we first bruoght her home. there was someone at the door everyday, even people who she sent over tha tI did not know! I want to at least have a relaxed pregnancy without her calling me every hour with discomfting problems that can occur during pregnancy. I feel as if she hates the fact that she can't have children anymore, and she wants to torment me. ( no disrepect to those in that position).


P - February 27

You have a right to proceed with your pregnancy in any way you choose. She was the one who made it so uncomfortable for you the first time around and now has only herself to blame. Do you think it's possible to hide the pregnancy from her for the whole term? Good luck with that, you seemed to be surrounded by some seriously selfish people. Who the hell calls a pregnant woman at 2am? If it comes down to it don't answer the door and turn the ringer off. Good luck.


meagan - February 28

Im not really sure if I could hide the whole pregnancy from her, but if I have to ....just to get some piece of mind, I will. I want to believe that she only behaves the way she does, because she cares, but I have caught her in lies, making things up about what my husband and I are doing in our marrige. She is such a blabber mouth that every month she types up a page on what everyone in the whole family is doing, and mails it to everyone. Aunts, Uncles, etc. I did not really care about that so much until I heard that she spread news about my cousin in laws divorce!! I was horrified. I think that its up to that person on who they want to tell about their personal bussiness. by the way my cousin was so p__sed and embarra__sed when that note came in the mail. Thanks for your advice.


P - February 28

The woman sounds mental.


Maleficent - February 28

let your husband decide how to handle her. his mom, his problem. i've got a nosey busy body mil too. i feel your pain.


Pam - February 28

Is your mother in-law's name Elaine? It sounds all too familiar. We will not be telling her when I get pregnant next time. Lessons learned!!!


MandyD - February 28

Well Meagan, I say don't tell her if you don't want the stress again!! If she finds out by accident, then so be it. And if she starts getting pushy and acting the way she did before, hang the phone up on her psychotic a__s or walk out of the room! She sounds jealous to me, and doesn't deserve to know what's going on if she abuses it like that! If you can hide it, go for it! How does your husband feel about it? Or is he one of those ones that is blindsighted to it all?


Nicole Miller - June 2

Hi. My mother-in-law is kind of the same. I just found out that I am pregnant and we are not telling anyone (we don't feel like our family supports us). They will find out when we send them a birth announcement! (Luckily we don't live in the same state)!


Nancy - June 3

I say do what you have to, to make your experience the best that it can be. You want to enjoy being pregnant and do things they way that you feel are right. Sounds like you may be married to Raymond "Everybody Loves Raymond" good luck.


Lissi - June 3

Only do what's in your best interest. If your MIL stresses you out so much, don't tell her. Like P said, she only has herself to blame. Vaginal deliveries may be hard work but on the whole they are less risky than c-sections. You'll be fine. Don't let anyone get to you, just concentrate on you and your baby. Good luck.



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