High Blood Pressure And Quitting Smoking Help

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kitty - March 17

hi all, i just had my 1st doc apt this week and i will be 5 weeks next week. but i have problem. my blood pressure is very high 145/104!!! my bp has NEVER been that high! normaly its never over 132/85! they told me i need to bring down my bp fast, not only for my safety but for my babies.i dont want to loose my baby. i have benn under so much stress, leaving the babies father and all,he cause me most of my stress, stress from family as well. like my mom and sister saying horible thing like they hope i lose my baby, or my mom telling ppl im NOT pg when she knows good and well i AM.its sooo hard. :( well here another concern of mine, please dont flame me for this...but i am a smoker. i have been smoking since i was 17 and im 24 now. i know i need to quit, i want to quit. when i smoke anymore, it make me want to throw up.and i know its one thing raising my bp. i can maybe go one day without one, then the cravings get to me so bad. then i get one, and i feel even worse. because i feel like ive failed my baby, and myself. can you guys please help me and give me some ideas on how i can really quit? i have a freind who is trying to help me, but its hard because hes never smoked before and he doesnt understand fully you know....please help me.... :(


tryin4baby - March 18

as far as your blood pressure, there is a medication you can take while pregnant but i don't know what it is and i don't know if you can take only if you are past 3 months. a guy at work his wife is pregnant and having problems with blood pressure and they put her on meds. talk to your dr. about it.


LL - March 18

My dad quit after my baby was born and had smoked for 50 years!!! He hasn't had one in almost a year. He said he wished he would have quit 25 years ago. Give this as agift to yourself and baby. talk to your doc as they have everything in this day and age to help you quit. GREAT luck!! If my chain smoking sis-in-law did and dad you can too!


Billie - March 18

I was a smoker too. I also started when I was 17 and I will be 25 in June. I actually quit smoking the day I found out that I was pregnant. What helped me was that everytime I wanted to light one up I would think that my baby was suffering. That may not work for you but it did for me. My husband and I tried for a while to get pregnant in the first place so I wanted to make sure that I did everything possible to make sure that the baby was ok. I know that with all the stress your going through, that quitting smoking is making it worse but you have to for your babies sake. It's not the baby's fault. Try not to take it out on him/her. I hope that I helped a little. This forum is pretty good about helping other women out (with the exception of a few) so feel free to vent on this site as much as you need. Most of us will be very supportive!


$%^ - March 18

There is nothing more disgusting and sad than seeing a preg. woman light up a cig. If you can't do it for yourself do it for your baby. I wish you luck and good health in your future : )


Michelle - March 18

Hi Kitty. I know how hard it is to stop smoking. I am 3 weeks away from having my third child. I am 25 and have smoked since I was an early teen. I was able not to smoke thru all 3 pregnancies but the cravings never went away. Cutting down your smoking is better than nothing but please please try to quit. Your babies good health is worth it.


tiffani - March 18

I started smoking when I was 17 and quit when I was 27. June 8, 2001 was my first day as a non smoker. While the urge to smoke remained for many many months, i've made it 4 years without touching the nasty things. I hate the fact that I put my body through the torture. Smoking was such a selfish thing, looking back. I may have taken years off my life because of my bad habit. Those are possible years that I won't have with my children and grandchildren. I feel guilty for subjecting non smokers to my second hand smoke. Sounds petty, but it makes me mad as hell to have to walk past a crowd of smokers outside the mall with my children. I quit for no other reason than my health. My best advice to you is to drink lots of water and keep a toothbrush handy. Everytime I craved a cigarette I would brush my teeth, no matter where I was at the time. When I was at home watching TV or on the computer, I would just chew on my toothbrush. This habit is so hard to overcome, but you CAN do it. Do it for your unborn baby, and do it for your future grandchildren. Whenever the urge to smoke arises, picture your innocent little baby choking on the poisoned oxygen he/she is getting. I feel your pain and i'm happy to help any way I can.


Liz - March 18

Thank God I never started smoking. Wow Tifffani-congrats to you. I am SURE it a beast to quit and I give you credit. To kitty-give your baby (and yourself) an early birthday present! Also I see my sis-in-law's kids and they are both asthmatic due to her second hand smoke!!! Quit now and forever! BEST of luck and keep us posted!!!


kitty - March 19

well, this will be my 3rd day. NOT Smoking. man o man o man its hard. i want one sooooo bad. bu tthen i think of my baby. choking, because of the restricted oxygen and it coughing. and then all the other things that can go wrong. the last one i had, i cried, because i felt like i was failing my baby, and my myself.i really am trying to quit. not having any has made me restless. ive been sleeping more. and i have invested in lillipops and mints. which actualy seem to help especialy when i am nausiated. wish me luck on keeping away from the ciggies.


Liz - March 19

KITTY!!!!! You go!!!! Check in every hour if you have to . I am sooooo pround of you. YOU CAN DO IT! Lord knows I loved a margarita like nobody's business but never drank a drop for those 9 months. Maybe if you can do you can stay quit forever so you won't ever have to go through the Hell of quitting again!!! Keep up the FABULOUS work.


Jbear - March 20

The blood pressure medicine they use during pregnancy is called Aldomet. As far as quitting smoking goes, stay away from people who are smoking, it intensifies the craving. Also, throw away your cigs and lighters, and tell yourself they're off limits. I'm eating a lot of sugar free popsicles to try to keep from smoking. When I start craving a smoke really bad, I picture someone lighting a cigarette and handing it to my baby to smoke, then I tell myself that's what I'd be doing if I had one. Good luck!


lorin - April 11

Have you asked your Dr about Wellbutrin. People take it to stop smoking and it is considered safe during pregnancy, even the first trimester. Check in to it.



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