High White Blood Cell Count

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Jade - June 10

I had a routine blood test that showed I had a high white blood cell count. My doc said it was abnormally high, even for someone who is pregnant (since the count goes up slightly). I retested, and it was better but still in the abnormally high range. My doc is unsure of why this is since I was not sick, had no infections, and my lymph nodes were all fine. I am just so worried that whatever it is could hurt my baby. Does anyone have any similar experience with this? It is just so strange because everything up until this point has been going smoothly. I will probably need to get more work done, but the unknown is bothering me!


olivia - June 10

Is it your family doc or your ob testing you?Mine goes up pretty high during pregnancy, ob's have a better feel for how high is too high. Usually they don't do routine blood work during pregnancy because the results can be so screwy and an ob is more familiar with how off is normal during pregnancy. Is there any reason they were doing it?How far along are you? My ob got really angry at my doc for doing routine tests when I was pregnant. She said it was all garbage and meant nothing. Anyway, I hope this is the case with you too. Make sure you are going to your prenatals so your urine gets checked. A silent UTI can do it sometimes too.


Lala - June 10

how high is your WBC's. Do you know when the last time was you had it checked?


Jade - June 10

Well it was 19.8 the first time and I was not told the second result (only that it was better). I am 26 weeks.


Brittany - June 11

I went into pre-term labor at 27 weeks with my second child...my first was also premature at 34 weeks. The dr. stopped the labor luckily but in all cases of pre-term labor, they don't know what it is caused by. They gave me a few reasons why and one was having a high white blood cell count, they said I might have an infection in the blood and that could have caused the labor. Not for sure though, good luck to you. I don't think it will hurt your baby, as long as the dr. is watching over it, your ok. I'm 36 weeks now so my baby has been fine.



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