Hips Get Bigger

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*M* - April 26

Will my hips be wider after pregnancy and birth? i always wanted wider hips..i know that sounds dumb.


Heidi - April 26

You can have em!!!!! I think they go back to normal. Everyone is different. Some of my friends went right back to being very thin while others got bigger and never went back to being thin and struggled with weight gain afterwards.


Lisichka - April 26

Well, my hips are bigger, but I think that's just fat. I also have a bigger a__s, thighs and b___bs! I don't want them anymore!


leslie - April 26

i will be happy if i get more but!!! lol!!


D - April 26

The hormones relax those muscles, tendons, etc, so we widen out! Its a good thing too, when you consider the size of the baby that has to fit through such a little space!!! Unfortunately, I really didn't need a wider b___t... but I've got it anyway! As far as going back to normal, I agree with Heidi. Its different for everyone! Please, oh please, let me be one for whom it goes back!


manda - April 27

My hips got wider about a month before I had my daughter. Now I'm back into my size 4 jeans.


P - April 27

Mandy, that was just mean... :)


anna - May 27

this may not be the exact answer, but for a bigger b___t [which gives the illusion of wider hips] lift leg weights at a gym. when you start getting to heavier weights, you'll really notice them.


April - May 28

haha.. Leslie.. I was thinking the same thing!!! I was hoping being pregnant would give me a b___t, but sadly I've only gained in the stomach area... I'm 32 weeks so I think this is all I'm getting.. haha... which I really can't complain about... I'll just have to hit the kickboxing workout videos when I can do cardio again... that's how my cousin got her b___t! haha


blaze - June 1

I am a size 3. People who are bigger think that's unbelievable but trust and believe thin hips ain't cute! I have a little but I've never had any kids... (plan on it) but to answer your question it's basically just like Heidi said it depends. In any respect I wouldn't put my hopes way up there, or get pregnant with those expectations or you might get your feelings hurt. I know a female who has two kids, and is as straight up and down and as thick as a #2 pencil . :)


Karen - June 1

Sweetie you are welcome to mine after I have my little man.............LOL


Heidi - June 1

It all depends on your frame I think. I have four sisters. Three of them are pencil thin and very short. One got my mom's genes and is bigger in the b___t area and has always been heavy. Her and one of my sisters had a baby at the same time. The thinner sister lost it all, what little she gained, and was like a size 1 again and my bigger sister just kept the weight on and struggled with it. I believe it has a lot to do with your genetic makeup. My friend was thin as a rail and had three kids and stayed pretty thin in between them all but after her third she gained like 50 lbs for a year. She got fed up and started working out and eating right and she's around 115 and just as thin as she was in high school 10 years ago. I'm not too worried about going back to normal. I'm more scared of the stretch marks!!!!! They say if your mom had them, you will too. My mom's stomach looks hidious!


Shadevelvet - June 29

There was a poll done in a mens magazine. Men prefer curves over the flat board. Curvey hips are great! Which is funny because most female magazines promote the flat board but that is because the people behind those magazines are gay men! If you want to know what men like look at a mans magazine.


bd1275 - July 12

I think most womens hip bones do not fully go back to what they were before having the baby. I've noticed almost every mom has that little baby b___t resting spot on the hips. I have no babies yet (about 9 weeks prego) and when i try to post a child on my hips holding they just slip right off. I've seen the same women before child birth with the same problem and after child birth they can hold a baby in that spot for days.



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