Hips Hurting

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Me - November 7

I woke up last night and my hips were hurting? It was a very painful pain that went from my hips to almost my butt. Has anyone else had this happen? Is it normal?


Michelle - November 7

Yea I am like that. I am 28 weeks and miserable at times. Had to take Tylenol yesterday since it was so bad. Just everything expanding to make room. Hang in there!


mom to be - November 7

yup i am 33 weeks and i hurt like crazy, more druing the night cause i aint movin like i do during the day ( and even then i barely move lol) and i do get pressure in my BUTT lol aweful feeling but it all comes with being pregnant ..... so this is very normal just think u r getting closer one day at at time and it is all worth it :o)


yup - November 7

here are some things that helped me. turning over in bed can be really painful, so wear silky PJ's and if possible have satin sheets. My husband hates those but he hates the way I dig my nails into his arm evertime I turn over more. Also try to move both legs at the same time, hard when sleeping but if you are having the piercing pain that I did, you have become a light sleeper because you are VERY aware it's gonna hurt like hell! I also try to stretch before getting out of bed, so that the hip does go out as I am trying to stand. The stretch is basically pointing my toes down and "pulling" my spine or body straight. Usually the hip pops back into place (loudly), but it doesn't hurt as much. This is my second pregnancy and I am hoping that I won't get the piercing pain again. So far I feel the hip thing but it's not as bad as with my first, maybe because my hps are a little wider since then. Havent taken any drugs for it, but thats only because it doesnt hurt all the time. I never know when the hip is gonna do its thing but of course I have general soreness in the pubic area but just on the left side.


Christy - November 7

Sleeping with a pillow between my legs seems to help me more than anything. Hope you feel better.


Jill - November 7

I am only 15 weeks and my hips hurt in the middle of the night. Is that normal this early?


Becky - November 7

I have pain to the right of my spine, in what feels like my hip. My chiropractor said that it is caused by the hormone relaxin working to separate your pelvic bones from your spine, to make room for baby and prepare for birth. She said it cycles throughout your pregnancy, so it should get better, then come back around 38 weeks. But if it is in the middle of your cheek, it is your sciatic nerve.


ME - November 7

Jill I am going to be 15 weeks at the end of the week and my hips just started hurting 2 days ago. So hopefully it's normal:)


Me - November 7

My sciatic nerve acts up all the time and I will be 15 weeks at the end of the week. I hear that doesn't happen until your further along so is whats happening to me normal?


yup - November 8

My pain in definitely inmy hip and with my first pregnancy I got it as early as 13 weeks. It was not my sciatic nerve, which it maybe for the orginal poster and some others but SPD. I have difficulty when walking. Some women describe the feeling of their pelvis coming apart. The pain is made worse when turning in bed or doing something that involves standing on one leg, such as climbing up stairs, getting dressed and getting in and out of a car. Some of get this and others don't, I happen to be one of the unfortunate that did. The pain is generally felt in the pubis and/or the sacro-iliac joints, but can also be experienced in the groin, the inner side of the thighs, the hips and in one or both b___tocks.


yup - November 8

ps If it is SPD the pillow between the knees really hurts because you have to move one leg to get it in there. At least it did for me, so I ditched the pillow thing early on. Eventually it was so bad that I dreaded relaxing on the couch and putting my feet up. Because to get up I would have to move one leg down to the floor and then swing the other around. I usually got my husband to move both legs at the same time, then slowly help me up and hold me just in case the hip was not in place. It went away after delivery, about 3 weeks for me. For others it can take longer.


Alex - November 8

wwhat is SPD?


Michelle - November 8

OMG!! The second yup on the bottom is all me!!!!!! I hate it. I am so miserable at times.



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