Hmmm Fetal Movements

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Maddie - April 20

I am wondering if anyone else feels "twitches" in their lower right or left side of belly? I am about 30 weeks preg. and have recently been feeling little types of "twitch" feelings. It comes on sometimes when I'm sitting, but it lasts for about 2-5 minutes, and it is at VERY regular time twitch every 2 seconds or so. My mom put her hand on my belly and felt it too. We were confused! I still feel kicks and rolls everyday, but what are these little twitches? Is the baby's nervous system harmed? Could it be spasms? And does anyone know if it's possible to be able to tell if your baby is having seizures in the womb? Am I paranoid? Advice please! Thanks.


Foxy - April 20

Could it just be that your baby often has hiccups? I can't speak from experience yet but I heard that a lot women get it.


Billie - April 20

Yup... sounds to me like hiccups too!!


BBK - April 20

It's hard to say just from that... have you been having alcohol regularly and then stop? I don't want to get you worried, but you should report it to your doc right away. I've heard of infants twiching due to alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but not a fetus. It could be nothing .... maybe what's happening, is that as the baby got bigger and is running out of room to roam, and s/he may not like it. Still check it out though to be safe.


Alexis - April 20

Hiccups, my son used to get them all the time when I was pregnant with him. Don't worry!


nhb - April 20

DEFINITELY sounds like hiccups . . . I wouldn't worry, my son got them DAILY for WEEKS. Irritating, but not harmful.


Maleficent - April 20

i get these bizzare spasm like twitches in my left side, and it's a tendon. hiccups is more of an all over thing (at least it was for me) sometimes the "twitch" is so powerful it scares me, i nearly dropped my daughter the first time it happened, but i've gotten used to it.


kenya mama - April 20

When I was pregnant with my son, he got hiccups all the time. It was the funniest sensation! If it doesn't hurt, I wouldn't worry, but if you're worried, you can always ask your Dr.


Maddie - April 20

BBK...I never have drank alcohol regularly. I am regretful to admit that I have drank a few times in each trimester, but that was maybe on a weekend or so. I am struggling with my decision to drink, and am ashamed that I did. I hope it didn't cause damage! I've already prayed about it, so all I can do is keep the faith.


Maddie - April 20

Yay! Oh, I'm so glad to hear you all say hiccups. I'm a first time mom. It gets really annoying. Just started in the third trimester. Maybe it's from soda? I'll try to drink more milk.


Maddie - April 20

ONE MORE THING...I often feel the "twitches" along WITH kicks and rolls...(Such an active baby!)


BBK - April 20

Maddie, your baby should be fine. I read your message again... for some reason I thought it was a sustained twitch. If every two seconds, then as the women said, it's gotta be hiccups. It's good to know so I don't go crazy when it happens to us too :-)



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