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hoping - October 21

Hi, My period is now 2 days late, I don't want to jump to conclusions and get my hopes up but is lack of period symptoms a sign? I mean I usually get sore br___ts and I have none and I also usually get extreme tiredness when and around my period. I am hoping since I had a miscarriage in January that I am pregnant. Thanks to all.


Shel - October 21

The only way to find out is to take a pregnancy test. Get in your car and go buy one! It's a waste of time to second guess and get your hopes up when you have the means to find out immediately. Good luck - hope you are!


J - October 21

I would just go buy a test. My symptoms were period symptoms so I didn't really know until I took a test. I had sore b___bs and cramping but it lasted for ten days past my period due date so I figured I would take a test and see what happened. And it was positive!


hoping - October 21

Hi, Thanks for responding! I understand what you are saying to go buy a test! I am so sorry if I upset you but you did not have to respond. Have you ever lost a child/miscarriage? It is not very polite to tell someone to go get in there car and go buy one! The reason I have not taken a test yet is because I would like to wait a week so that I can be sure if I am pregnant I will have enough hcg in my urine to detect. I was hoping that because I had some odd things going on with my period sysmptoms that someone could shed some light of what they may have expierenced. I understand that people can get irritated on here about people wondering before taking a test but what would people talk about on here if everyone just took a test, not much of a site for information/support then? right?thanks for wishing me good luck that was sweet and thanks to all that responded to my post.


ally - October 22

How is it not polite to tell someone to get in their car and buy a pregnancy test, isnt it the obvious reply when someone wants to know if they are pregnant or when they are sitting home second guessing as shel said. This hoping chic has me confused. Your question was 'are lack of period symptoms a sign'? period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are more or less the same, with the perid on its way it can knock u down, make u feel tired, same with pregnancy, again sore b___sts but they are even more sore when pregnant i'd say. Cramps in the tummy are common for both. I must agree with shel go buy one cause if u know anything about the female body then u would know ur symptoms dont mean anything as one month can differ to the next regarding ur period. Thats how it is for me anyhow, sometimes bad, sometimes not...same with pregnancy, sometimes there are no signs, only one way to find out, get in that car of urs


hoping - October 22

I am not hear to argue with people, please do not respond to my post unless you have expierence some similar thing and could share them, thanks and take care.


Ñ - October 22

First of all people dont post questions for other woman to be rude just because you dont think the question does not give yout he right to be little someone!!!! Second of all to HOPING I have not experienced a miscarriege personally but in my perspective i think that you should just take a test instead of waiting day by day in anticipation whether it will come or not that way you can just have an answer one way or the other and dont have to get high hopes by that seventh day when it still hasnt come and then all the sudden there it is you know what i mean personally i think that it would be easier and less stressful for you to take a test just try not to get your self too excited i mean when i took mine i have taken many test and always just knew i was and i wasnt and the last one i took i was like why bother i know im not and there its was i was in utter disbielife so do what you can to not get all excited to psych yourself out but take the test for your own peace of mind you never know what you might get!!!!


to hoping - October 22

i have had 3 miscarriages so yes i know what you are going through,i was devastated with each one but everytime i thought i was pregnant you better beleive i went out and bought another test and if it was neg.i just kept on just get a test if its meant for you to be pregnant than you will cant let a miscarriage hold you back.good luck


Honest - October 24

Sorry but since you've had a miscarriage, doesn't that mean that you know what it feels like to be pregnant???? What's wrong with suggesting to take a test, isn't that the obvious answer? Judging by your hormonal replies, maybe you are pregnant, but like Shel said, get in your car and buy a test! And also, this forum is not about predicting who's pregnant and who's not, try the psychic network for that (or again a bloody test!)


Melissa - October 24

Take a test, it will show up if you are pregnant. If it comes back neg., and you still don't get your period, wait a few days and take another one. I didn't have sore b___sts AT ALL or nausea at all, so every pregnancy is different.


to hoping - October 24

since your period is 2 days late it makes sense to tell you to get in your car and get a test! why would you wait to test if your period is late? just take a test today and if its negative u can retest later. yes I miscarried so dont throw that at me. it has nothing to do with using your brain and testing if in doubt. like you have not concluded anything if your period is late? of course you have come to a conclusion. either you are pregnant or you are not. there is no big mystery to solve. just pee on a stick.


Lisa - October 24

Everyone is right, you really do need to buy a test and find out for sure. You're causing yourself stress by sitting at home wondering if you are or not. We can't really tell you that you are pregnant or not by the information provided. Let us know!


to hoping - October 25

No one is being rude to you at all. They are giving you advice based on what they would do. I would go buy a test too! If its neg then try again in a few days!! Good luck - I hope you get your ++++ !!!


to hoping - October 25

Wow, a bit snippy, aren't we? Shel's advice is dead-on. I'm still tring to figure out WHERE in her post she was rude??? Anyone else as confused as I am? Pull the reigns back, hoping. You asked for advice, now listen to all the people on here that took the time out of their day to reply to YOUR post. Don't chase them off by getting snippy! Shel was basically telling you to hurry up and find out if you're pregnant (this IS what you wanted, right?). She was being very light-hearted, and YOU had to go ruin a nice post by reacting badly. When you DO find out you're pregnant, ask the Doc about getting some HORMONE shots! You're screaming for em!


kimberley - October 25

To all....sometimes when things are written, especially in an e-mail or a FORUM, things can be read 2 ways....... I think the ol hormones run rampant in this forum at times....and maybe just re-wording some things we write on here, or at least reading through them before hitting post could save a lot of misunderstanding :) and hurt feelings.


TC - November 2

GOSH girls calm down. All she wants is a little care. and yes you can sometimes read into things a bit too much. but why badger her???? Listen love, just take it day by day if you want to, and when your ready go and take that test. good luck too you. and if this is how people react, like "go and take a pee on a stick, or get it your car and get one etc" the id hate to know what you are all like when your being sensative



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