Holiday Bfp S From Sop Board Part 4

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Deb - January 20

Angela, Krob, Tanya, Patti, Kristin, Mylittleangels, Mtnlass, and Aimes - I hope you all make it we go again!


Deb - January 20

Ahhhhhhh....much better! :o) So Carly hates vegetables. She won't eat green beans, squash, or peas. She spits them out and thinks it is hilarious. So yesterday I tricked her and mixed peas and pears and guess what? She ate it like a champ! Pretty gross for an adult, but yum yum for a baby!


krob - January 20

Poos was the same way she went through a stage where she would only eat unseweetened apple sauce so I mix wverything with apple sauce. I made all my own baby food last time and I will this time too I didnt make the fruits though I will try and make fruits this time I hear you just get dried fruit and waterlog them then puree them


Patti - January 22

Deb, it's funny how we picture people w/o having any idea how they look. I pictured you with dark hair and brown eyes before I saw your picture. I guess after seeing my older girls and Allison w/ dark eyes, that you'd think I was dark haired too. As far as Carly and not liking some foods...I've found most babies don't like the green veggies. The beans are the worst. I try everything I feed my kids and I don't blame them on the beans! All my kids liked the yellow/orange veggies. Lauren has only had squash so far and likes it. She is doing better at sleeping now that she's getting some solids. Her reflux had come back in force. More spitting up and "urpy" The zantac increase w/ the solids has helped. Krob, kudos to you for making your own food!


Deb - January 22

I made some of my own baby food. I made sweet potato, carrots, apples and pears. It was pretty easy. I just steamed them until they were very tender and then I pureed them in the food processor. I then put them in ice cube trays, covered them with plastic wrap, and then when they were frozen I put them into a labelled ziplock in the freezer. Now I just take out 2 or 3 cubes at a time and I have enough of these foods to last a month. She seems to be eating veggies as long as I put in one cube of apple, pear or sweet potato. Yesterday and today I mixed squash with sweet potato and she had no problem eating it.


Aimes - January 22

Hey Girls, Maddie had her 4 month appt. today. She cried the whole time :( She missed her morning nap so I think that's why. She weighs 12lbs 12 ozs and is 24 inches long. She's pretty little for her age, but she was only 5.8 when born. She's doing well though and the Dr said we can start trying solids. I can't believe how old she's getting..... gotta run. Hope everyone is doing well.


mylittleangels - January 24

Hey all havn;t been on recently cause school started and then Dakota got RSV and was in the hospital for a week.But she is getting better day by day she lost alot of weight to she is back down nto 7lbs hope she gains fast talk soon


Patti - January 25

Deb, thanks for the tips on making baby food. I guess I thought it was harder than that. Mylittle, I'm sorry to hear about Dakota. RSV is so scary. Allison had it at 3 and had to stay 4 nights in the hospital. I can't imagine an infant going through it. I;m glad she's doing better and hope she puts back on the weight. Aimes, Hi! Glad Maddie is doing well. You're right about how fast they grow. The first year especially is leaps and bounds! I love the milestones but miss the tiny little baby.


Deb - January 25

I'm so sad! Last Wednesday I went off the meds that I was taking to increase my milk supply. I was on them for 2 months because I really wanted to make it to 6 months of b___stfeeding. I decided that it was a real pain to remember to take 2 pills 4 times a day and I had made it to six months, so I decided to stop taking them and let nature take its course. I figured I probably had a month left of gradually decreasing of supply, but I was completely wrong. My supply died down within 2 days! Now I am having a really tough time coping with the fact that I have to wean her so fast. I am down to b___stfeeding her 3 times a day, and I have to give her 3-4 oz of formula after each b___stfeeding. I never thought I would have such a problem weaning her, but I've been b___stfeeding her 6 times a day for 6.5 months and I just can't imaging not b___stfeeding her. Carly doesn't seem to's just me having a hard time letting go!


Deb - January 30

Boy, it's been slow around here! No posts in days! Where are all of you ladies????


Patti - January 30

I know how you feel Deb. Letting go of b___stfeeding seems harder on the moms than the babies. Lauren is completely weaned now. I had low supply, no down time to pump and just let it go. I'm sad too b/c this is it for me forever. At my age and 4 kids, there will be no more b___stfeeding. I love that Lauren's growing and learning, but I miss the tiny infant and want her to stay little for much longer than she will. Speaking of Lauren, she's kept me up almost all night for 2 nights. I was wondering what changed and then signs pointed to an ear infection. Dr. confirmed it today. Hopefully the meds will kick in soon and we will sleep again! She's screaming, gotta go!


Patti - January 30

Okay, I'm prepping for another sleepless night. Didn't type earlier that Lauren was also wheezing but tested neg for RSV. I have a nebulizer at home (for Allison) and Dr. said to give Lauren breathing treatments every 4 hours, as needed. She got really wheezy and I gave her a treatment...nothing. Called Dr. and she said to give a second one, give her oral steroid and give yet another breathing treatment in 2 more hours. Thankfully the second treatment seemed to work. Dr. still thinks it's RSV. Not sure why 2 of my kids have breathing problems. Allison was b___stfed for 8 months and has had pneumonia 3 times, hospitalized once for it and hospitalized w/ RSV a year ago. Thankfully, she seems to be outgrowing it. Anyway just needed to vent my worries. I will be up all night checking on Lauren and her breathing. I just pray we won't have to go to the ER tonight.


Deb - January 31

Sorry to hear that Lauren isn't feeling well. Poor little one! I'll be thinking of you guys and I hope she is feeling better soon!


Kristin11 - February 1

Hi ladies, long time no talk to. Been hectic and busy with work drama, and my dd getting sick and ther holidays. glad to hear everone is doing better. Well i have 2 1/2 month left till i get to meet baby Caden. Cant wait. My baby shower is next month. I starteddecorating his nursery already. Ashley is getting excited about her baby brother. Well gotta get ready for work. have a great day ladies.


Aimes - February 1

just thought i'd drop by to say hi. Not too much going on with us. Maddie is doing well, but I on the other hand have had my period basically since she was born. It comes back like every two week.s I just got it Sunday -- a week and a half into a pack of BC pills. It just mostly stopped this mornign. I can't see my Dr until next week, but it sucks!!!! Other than that, htings are good :)


Angelaw. - February 2

Hey girls!!!! OMG I have been so MIA!! Maxson is doing well, just started on solids- loving the sweet taters and squash...not so thrilled about peas! I am hoping to start making my own soon. Right now we are battling sinus infections and PINK EYE!!! ARGH!!! We just pa__sed hi 6 mo bday and the poor thing was sick the whole time =( Patti and AImes- I'm so sorry that the LO's are sick!! I hope they are feeling better soon =( Deb- I'm so sorry that you are having to wean so quickly, but keep in mind you did AWESOME at least going to 6 mo!!! Carly is so lucky to have a mommy who loves her so much =) ! Hugs to you!! Kob- how are you?!?!?! I miss talking to you ladies all the time =(, I'll try to be on more! I will try (again) to update my piczo site kisses to all!!


Deb - February 5

OK - where's Krob???? It's not like her not to post in a while and she hasn't posted in over 2 weeks!!! Krob - if you're out there give us a shout out so we know you're okay. I know you're busy with a new baby but I'm starting to worry. :o)



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