Holiday Bfp S From Sop Board Part 4

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Deb - February 5

OK - where's Krob???? It's not like her not to post in a while and she hasn't posted in over 2 weeks!!! Krob - if you're out there give us a shout out so we know you're okay. I know you're busy with a new baby but I'm starting to worry. :o)


Deb - February 5

Wait a second...Tanya hasn't been on this thread at all! What is happening to us, ladies??? I'm going to leave a message on their piczo sites and see if we can get them back on here!


krob - February 5

so you know those email you get when someone writes on the post well I did get any so I thought the thread died out lol and here it was me along not subscribing to get emails when the part 4 is posted onI guiess i have reading to do then I will post lol


krob - February 5

okay well it is cold out very cold American counterparts I am afraid you cannot imagine how cold it is here ....well maybeMichiganders can. Anyhow, Baby Davy aka Pooshie or Poosh Factor or just plain ole Factor is fine. He had his 2 mo shot on Jan 11 he was 11 lbs 6 oz then so he is probably close to 13 now I reckon. He is sleeping anywhere from 4 to 7 hours through the night and still nursing well. (sorry to hear you ladies had to quit when you did when 6 mo is better than none at all) Davy naps well in his swing and well that is about it for him. My grandpa finally died at 91 on Feb 1 which is sad but he was old and sick. Found out one of my friends is expecting her 3rd child...must remember I have a baby so I dont need another one. I was sick with a cold Too bad about the RSV how scary my other friend baby was in hopsital for 2 nights with it anyway gotta rubn I will try to get more pics on my stie lol


Deb - February 5

Welcome back Krob! Glad to hear things are going well and I am sorry to hear about your grandpa. That's funny you thought the thread died out...maybe that's what happened to Tanya. I will try to find part 3 and make a post and see if she gets an e-mail.


Patti - February 5

Yea, Krob & Angela are back! You know, I stopped getting the emails to let me know there's been a post a long time ago. I just hop on now and again and look. Weird. Well, Lauren happily did not have to go to the ER and is on the mend. Bad news is Allison now has pneumonia. At least she doesn't have to be hospitalized. I think I have bronchitis. It's the sick house here! Now that Lauren's been on her antibiotics she's sleeping through the night again and a happier child. Of course Allison's fever and coughing has been keeping me up. I've had dark circles for 4 years now! One day a hope to start sleeping again. I think it's a plan the kids have developed and they tag team who's gonna keep me up at night. Glad all the babies are doing well. I need to check out piczos for Angela and Krob for the updates. Take care!


Patti - February 5

Kristen, I just realized how close you're getting to baby Caden's due date! It seems like yesterday when you were barely pregnant and now look. Mylittle, how's Dakota? Hope she is gaining the weight back and all recovered from her illness.


fltjt705 - February 6

Hi ladies, sorry for being MIA. I remember reading that the new thread has started and just thought I would get the posts. Duh me. Everything is going fine here. The gripe water for Talia has been working, I figured out that i have to give it to her early in the day for it to really work at night. I am soooo sorry to hear that alot of you and baby are sick. I can't emagine going through RSV with Talia. I can't even stand it now when she cries with colic. Meaning it breaks my heart. I surely hope that all of you have a fast healing. Talia is sleeping a good 6 to 8 hours, she does wake for her position to be switched, must be from when I was pg, I was always switching from left to right during the night. The movement would always pop my lower back and hips. Nursing is going good. It is too funny how she knows, Once I put her into position she smiles and she makes this coughing sound with her tounge sticking out then she tastes, pulls back and then thrusts foward like HERE I COME READY OR NOT. Whats funny is when I am feeding her and she pulls back milk is still streaming out and its squirting her in the face. She goes for her shots tomorrow. Did any of you get the oral vaccine for that rotovirus. If so did your baby get any side effects? Also define reflux. Talia will eat and sometimes wont burp or if she burps she will throw up sometimes, If she takes a nap it's as if she has indegestion because you here her trying to swallow what ever is in her mouth. I don't let her sleep on her back because of it. Thanks Deb for getting me :o). Talk to you all soon.


Deb - February 6

Yay! We're all together again! :o)


Patti - February 6

Tanya, if you hear her bringing stuff up, and then swallowing it, it could be reflux. The problem w/ the swallowing is it's a double burn. Once coming up and once again going down. Lauren is the same. I can't put her on her back either. She's even choked while I'm changing her. Another sign is if you notice Talia fussing when trying to sleep, and better when held upright. Talk to your Dr. about the possibility of reflux. Some people and even Dr.s think the baby has to not be gaining for it to be reflux, but that is so not true. Especially if they swallow it back down. If it is reflux most of the time meds will turn it around. Lauren does really well on Zantac and I think Angela's Max is still on it as well. Good luck and glad you're back!


fltjt705 - February 7

Thanks Patti, I thought thats what it might be, all the symptoms you described are all what she has. I did tell her dr. and now Talia is taking the Zantac and did you all taste that, it's awfull stuff. How long did it take before you noticed any change? She received her first set of shots and poor baby turned as red as a tomatoe, she was so upset, I wanted to cry. I am so glad we are all still here, in march I think will be a year for me. :o)


Patti - February 9

Tanya, it can take up to a week until you see improvement. OMG that stuff is awful! It tastes like Peppermint schnapps. For a baby it's sooo strong. Lauren is used to it now and actually likes it. When Allison was on it they did a special mix from pill and made a syrup. It was horribly bitter, but she got used to it too. You should see a "new baby" by a week. Also, Lauren's schedule never worked for 3 times a day. We do it twice a day and it seems to work fine. Well, Lauren will be finishing her antibiotic today, Allison's was a 3 day antibiotic, and I'm on day 2. We really are the sick house here. Thankfully. Jessie has seemed to throw it off w/o and antibiotics. I've now had a couple of nights where everyone is sleeping all night. I feel like a new woman! Hope you are all doing great!


fltjt705 - February 9

Thanks Patti, The dr told me that I can take the bottle to a pharmacist and they can add flavoring to the medicine to make it taste better, I am going to try and do that today. Tomorrow my son turns 14. We decided to get him a cell phone for his birthday but I can predict the future and it looks to me like he wont be keeping it long. I know my son and it never fails, he will end up grounded from it because of him doing something stupid. She only has to take it twice a day. Poor thing gags on it. Well, talk to you all later.


Kristin11 - February 12

Ugh talk about sick my poor ashley was running a high fever and fatigue and not wanting to eat and broke out into a full body rash about 12 days ago. I rushed her to the pediatrician and they said she has a ear infection and throat infection. They put her on antibiotics which she finished on saturday, but suddenly her fever is back and she is pale and gla__sy eyes, doesnt want to eat. Her fever actually hit a high point of 103.8. I called her pediatrician and they are seeing her first thing this morning. My poor baby i am so ready to see her feeling better. All she did all weekend was lay around and sleep. I hope you ladies are doing better with your babies, i cant imagine what it is going to be like when i have 2 sick kids, 9 weeks left till Baby caden's due date. Woohoo. I feel huge!


fltjt705 - February 12

Kristin, I am so sorry to hear about your little one. It suck to see your kids sick knowing they are not feeling well. I hope she feels better soon. Congrats on your 9 weeks left. You will definately be feeling more and more anxious now. I still wish I was pg. It was a good feeling even though I couldn't bend over. I hope all of you are doing well and you all had a wonderful weekend. My son turned 14 on Saturday and he received a cell phone and his great grandfather took him out to drive the car which is a sitck shift. I nearly fell out my chair when I heard that.I cant believe how fast kids grow. One will be comming out of high school and one going into kindergarden. Wow. I put up Talia's two month picutures up. Talk about adorable. You all will like them, yes I did them myself, her and I had fun playing dress up on Friday. lol. Talk to you all soon


Deb - February 12

Tanya - Talia is adorable! I especially like the pink dress, very sweet! I can't believe how big she is getting! It seems like just yesterday she was born. Time does fly fast, enjoy every minute with her! Sorry to hear about all of the sickies...hope everyone is better soon!



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