Holiday Bfp S From Sop Board Part 4

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Deb - February 12

Tanya - Talia is adorable! I especially like the pink dress, very sweet! I can't believe how big she is getting! It seems like just yesterday she was born. Time does fly fast, enjoy every minute with her! Sorry to hear about all of the sickies...hope everyone is better soon!


Angelaw. - February 12

Hey ladies!! Sorry your LO is sick Kristin- try to stay well yourself, you don't need any germies draining your energy- I'm sure baby Caden is doing a good job at that already =). Tanya- I LOVE the pic of DS holding Talia!! So sweet!! Are you doing a prepaid cell or just a regular one. I was only allowed to have a Prepaid one until I was 18, then my mom put me on her plan, it worked well since I had to buy my own minutes. Deb how's Carly? How are you? Have you and dh talked about TTC'ing #2 yet ?=) Krob- How's Pooshie and Poos? I'm sorry about your grandfather, but it is easier when they are old and ready to go. How is Josie these days? Is she potty training? How are the jealousy issues? Patti- Maxson was on Zantac, but we really weren't seeing "great results after a while and then I didn't give it to him for a while when he was having those pooing issues and he just seemed to get better as time went on. He stil refluxes every now and again, but it's not too bad. Well, if you guys saw Max's 6 mo pics, you know there are some nasty germies in our house. He's better in his eyes, but is still congested and now I HAVE PINK EYE!!!! BAH!! I HATE pink eye! Hopefully no one else will get it b/c it will drive me crazy if we are all going to keep catching it. I have been sanitizing everything with clorox wipes and that Anywhere spray, but I did sleep on my pillow last night (I have been out of town) and I hadn't changed the pillowcase yet and forgot...I'm betting that's where it came from. =( I finally found some razbaby teethers today, so I am excited that Maxson will get some teething relief! Aidan is riding the bus these days (just home from school) and he is getting so big. He told me the other day about some older boys who were "making him feel bad" they said he was a big mouth =( =( I tried to tell him the best way to handle it was to just ignore them, but then when I told dh later, i cried!! Somebody was picking on my baby! Ahhh I'm such a mommy. Oh funny story too. The other day Aidan didn't have school b/c of snow and we were laying down to take a nap. I leaned over and gave him a kiss. Then he asked for another one...and came at me with his mouth open like he was going to swallow my head!!!! He was trying to FRENCH KISS me!!! I guess he has seen it on TV (disney movies) and wanted to give it a try. I tried not to freak out and just pulled away and told him that that was a special way for mommies and daddies to kiss...not mommies and kids ; ) He's so funny....Ok, another famously long post by yours truly and I am outta here. Love you ladies!!!


Aimes - February 13

Hey Girls, just thought I'd pop in to say hi. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I think Maddie has issues with peas. She's been super ga__sy the last couple of days since we started the peas. Did this happen to anyone? She's great on the sweet potato and cereal. She's doing well otherwise, but this rain here is killing me. I can't even go for a walk :( Tanya-you're pics are adorable. I don't have a piczo site, but I swear Maddie is cute--ha, ha. Anyway, gotta run and get some more coffee--it's going to be a long rainy day in the house. See ya!


mtnla__s - February 13

That's too bad that so many little ones are sick. My dd is sick now with a stomach bug. It amazes me how I can handle her throwing up but I couldn't handle my dh when he was sick. I guess he made more sounds or something. I think I have finally past the m/s. I've started cutting back on the meds so we'll see if stays away. Nearly half way done (18 weeks), I can't wait till next month when we find out the s_x. I hope everyone gets better fast and stays better. Good day!


Aimes - February 14

Okay, so I am very sad. Maddie is almost 5 months now, and suddenly she won't sit with me. She squirms and wants to stand up. She used to fall asleep on my shoulder,but hasn't done that in months. I feel like this is a preview of what's coming--she'll never want to be held. How do they grow up so fast. I miss my little "baby!" Boo hoo for me :(


Deb - February 14

Don't worry Aimes, she is just finding some independence. Carly was the same way. All she wanted to do (and still does a lot) is stand. I couldn't get her to lie on my chest or sit with me or anything but now that she is older things have changed. Now, at 7 months, she has started cuddling. I love it! I will hold her and she will put her head on my shoulder and her arms around me. So even though she is changing now, don't fret because she will continue to do new things and will always know that you are the one who is her mom. :o)


krob - February 17

hi all well I registered Poos for junior kindergarten I wasn't sure was ready but now I could push her out that door and ont he bus tommorow. And she has been potty trained for 1.5 years already Ang I had her basically done by 2 and at night by 28 months anyways baby Davy has blue eyes still (not his Dad's brown but blue like me horray brown is suppose to be dominant) anywho got the kiddies pics done at walmart and they turned out okay after I nursed him in the portrait studio. I have a friend who is doing the diaper less baby google that for you oddly enough she can get her 4 mo old to poo in the potty but not her 3 year old lol I have been braving the cold weather here but the kids have been healthy both dh and I have had a cold We are working on getting Mr Sir baptized as well ho-pefully everyone is doing well


mylittleangels - February 17

Sorry yall been real busy with dakota being in the hospital and everything dealing with school i am just to get updated on everyone


fltjt705 - February 18

mylittleangels, I sure hope Dakota is okay. There is nothing worse than your child being in the hospital with IV's and stuff, I hated it when Talia went in at only 4 days old. That tore my heart into little pieces. Angelaw, we put ds on the family cell phone plan. The calles are free after 7 pm and if we direct connect eachother ( Walkie-Talkie) it's free. So, as long as he abides by the rules that have been presented to him he is fine, if not well he will lose probably one of the best birthday presents he has ever gotten. Krob, Talia still has her blue eyes as well. Has anyone's LO eyes changed colors yet? Sorry to hear you and dh are sick, Nock on wood since I am still nursing Talia I haven't gotten sick, I had a 24 hour flu bug that didn't hit me full b__wn, I think I sweated it out because I woke up in the morning and everything was drenched around me. Mntla__s, I cant wait to know what the s_x of your baby is. It's getting so close :O). Thanks everyone on the nice comments on Talia's pics. We had fun playing dress up lol. I will be taking Talia in for Easter pictures. I bought her dress a few weeks ago and it's the cutest thing. All I have to find are some sandals to go with it. Well, Take care, no more sickies okay!!!


Patti - February 18

Lauren's eyes just started to change at 5.5 months. They seemed like they would stay blue, but now they look like they could be turning green or hazel. Mine are green and dh's are brown. I have one brown, two blue and it's up in the air for Lauren. Nick, my DS has blue eyes and his dad has brown eyes as well. Allison's eyes started turning at about 3 months. She had brown on the inside and gray on the outside still at 7 months. Still, it was pretty apparent they were going brown. I do know my ex's parents both have brown eyes and yet their other son has really blue eyes. So, brown may be dominant, but it can happen. Mylittle, I'm sorry to hear about Dakota. It's so hard when they are in the hospital. Makes you feel so helpless. I hope she recovers quickly and goes home soon.


Kristin11 - February 20

Hay ladies, well ashley ended up sickl again ,the first antibiotics the doctors gave her didnt do anythign and i ended up rushign her to the doctors because her fever shot up to 103.8 which really freaked me out. She had a severe ear infection in both ears and a throat infection. She seems to be feelign alot better now. She slept alot last week and this weekend and seems to be back to her old self. I hope everyones babys are doign well. 7 1/2 weeks left till my son will be here. I dont have to worry about eye color change me and my dh have blue eyes so our kids have to have blue eyes. My husbands mom has hazel eyes and his dad has brown eyes, so yep blue eyes can still happen.


Patti - February 20

Kristin, sorry Ashley was so sick. Glad she's better now. Wow! 7.5 weeks?! You're on the home stretch now. What's your due date? We'll have to start the guessing your baby's birthday soon. Angela, I saw those pics of Maxson. He's soooo cute! The eye pics were sad. Poor little fellow. I posted a couple new pics of Lauren. Haven't had much time to update pictures and such. Nick had his tonsils out last Thursday and he's had some bad days. I know he's in pain when he's up at 6 am asking for pain meds. He usually sleeps in as late as I'll let him. Well, it's finally thawing here. We've had such cold temps and tons of ice left over from last weeks ice storm. Well, Jessica just brought me a bottle on pancake syrup asking me to make "panicakes." Ugh, I'd rather do cereal today. Guess I'll finish my coffee and start cooking!


Deb - February 21

Calling all you Florida girls (Tanya, Aimes, and I think Kristin)...I'm going to Kissimmee from March 3rd to March 17. Anyone want to have a little meet and greet? I'm staying in Hampton Lakes off of highway 27. I thought maybe you could come over for a little swim with your lo's (or lo's to be) in a very warm pool. I understand if you don't want would be different not being "anonymous" anymore! But I thought it might be fun if we all got together. Angela - you live in Kentucky, right? Anywhere near the I-75? If you do, maybe we could have a little meet on my way down to Florida? Anyway girls, think about it and if you want to, send me an e-mail noahteacher at hotmail . com Later!


Deb - February 21

I updated my piczo site today with new 7th month pictures and 6 new videos on the video page. Check 'em out when you have time - debdoug. piczo. com


Patti - February 23

Deb, I checked out Carly's new pics and videos. She is just the cutest. You do such a good job with pics and your site. I feel really bad that I don't take as many pictures of Lauren. Nick has a lot. Allison was my first w/ a digital camera and I have sooo many baby pic of her. A little less of Jessica, but still quite a few. But poor Lauren being the 4th child, 3rd girl and w/ me being so dang busy all the time, I just don't take them like I should. My mom must have been the same. I'm the 4th (all girls) and I have the least amount of baby/little girl pictures. Anyway, wanted to let you know how great you are w/ your Carly, your pictures, and general mommy stuff!


krob - February 23

notmuch new here. Going back on the Jerry Springer show (lol) the inlaws are at it again and dragged me into it. My setp mother in law thinks I am having an affair with dh's dad it is ridiculous I feel like choking her anyway not much new here I wish I could go to Florida (boo hoo) not much snow here this year for Northen Ontario though



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