Holiday Bfp S From Sop Board Part 5

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Deb - October 18

OK girls...I hope you find this thread! Please pop in at least once in a while to say hi. I know you are all busy, but I still love to hear how you're doing!


Deb - October 27



mtnla__s - October 30

So much better. I hope everyone makes it over. So how's the new pregnancy going? I hope if I do this again I get as lucky as you and get caught quick. Take care.


Patti - November 2

OMG! Deb are you pregnant again! See how much I miss by staying away too long?! Big huge congrats to you!! Lauren is well. She's 14 mos, running, talking English a little, signing a little and talking her own language a lot. All the rest of us are okay as well. Just busy w/ Allison starting Kindergarten, leading a Daisy Scout troop and everyday parenting. I miss everyone and hope we can "get together" online more frequently.


Deb - November 5

Great to hear from you ladies! Yeah, I am pregnant again and can't wait for this first tri to be over. I have m/s so bad that my doctor has taken me off of work and put me on bedrest! I can't keep any food down and I am so drained of energy that I can't do anything. I know I need to keep my eye on the prize...


Deb - November 16

Just bumping again. Still struggling with major m/s and not working. I think things might be looking up though. I had two days last week where I didn't throw up at all. I hope this is on its way out!!!


mtnla__s - November 19

Deb I feel for you. It does get better. Try to eat protein, I noticed I felt better but that could have been from the GD. I'm so glad I didn't have to work because it was a struggle just to get to the bathroom. Did the doctor give you any medicine? Ask for some if they haven't. Max is doing very well, he is just about four months old. Such a good baby, I want another. Husband said we can if I get pregnant in the next six months. Which isn't going to happen on purpose. I want my baby to be the baby for a bit. I start school next summer for ultrasound (changing professions) and the program goes two years straight so if I miss a semester I have to wait a whole year to make it up. So it looks as if he is my last unless an accident happens. DH doesn't want more after he turns 40 which is in two years. I told him he needs to go get sniped because I'm not doing it. I'll get the Mirena but that's for my benefit (no periods, no pain) not for birth control reasons. So if he doesn't get it done there may be chance after school Max will be 4, DD will be 10 and DS will be 14. That is too far down the road to plan. Good day to all!


Deb - December 5

Well, the m/s has finally started to let up. I went back to work on Monday and it has been going okay. I'm extremely tired, but managing. Is anyone out there???


Patti - January 1

Wow, this board has sure dwindled! Is dwindled a real word? lol! Deb, I'm glad you're feeling better. When is your new due date? Is it close to Carly's b-day? Well, I finally added a few new pics to my piczo site. I hadn't updated since Lauren was 7 months! I condensed a lot to make it easier. Hope you all have a wonderful and very happy New Year!!!!! Patti


mtnla__s - January 25

WOW! Are we a bunch of busy people! This was on page 5 or something like that. Doing well here just very busy with new college cla__ses. Max is doing great. He didn't grow as much as they had wanted this last check up so I have to up the solid foods. Nursing this go around has been tough, I keep losing my supply even though I nurse every 2-3 hours nearly round the clock. Hope everyone is doing well and having a happy new year!!


mtnla__s - March 1

Everyone is still so busy and I bet will be getting busier as spring arrives. Deb how's the pregnancy? Good day ladies.


fltjt705 - April 16



fltjt705 - April 16

Hay girls, long time no talk. I hate this web site now, it took me three days just to get my post on here. It kept referring to me that the page could not be found. Deb, congrats on you pg. I'm happy for you, DH and I are ttc this month to. Dont think it took so easy like it did with Talia but still about 9 days from my pd. Keep intouch I hope to be back here more regularly now, I'm also on CafeMom to, I like that as well. Miss you all.


Patti - April 16

Hi Tanya! I was just thinking of the board and everyone a couple days ago. It's a shame the board dwindled so much. But, we are all very busy moms. Good luck on ttc #3. I hope it's tons of fun and easy for you!!! We're getting ready for a Disney cruise in a couple of weeks. I still have to shop for everyone. I can't wait. The 2 older girls are going to have so much fun. Lauren is a little more shy and not used to being with anyone outside our family. Should be interesting.... Take care everyone!!!!!



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