Hope U Like The Humor O

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Stephanie - April 6

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WHO HOO!! What a ride!"


huh! - April 6



LoLo - April 6

I've got that posted on my desk at work and have for 3 years now. Great motto to live by! Basically, enjoy life!


La Rae - April 7

One of my faves: Remember.....It's 'Hi, How are you?' Not....'How high are you?' and another fave: If the world didn't 'SUCK'..............we'd all fall off!


to stephanie - April 7

not funny


Stephanie - April 7

Okay so I should not have t_tled it humor but I happen to like it and as you can see other people use it as a way to remember how to live their livesas well. As you can see its not meant to be funny but yet makes you sit back and "Ya thats the way to do it!" So enjoy anyways!! Steph


tiffani - April 7

What a great outlook on life. I'm trading the martini for a beer though. :o)


Stephanie - April 7

I'm with you Tiffani!! Except I'd also like a presidante Margarita from Chilis too OHhhhhh.....With a big straw LOL


~m~ - April 7

Ok girls, you're making my mouth water. This beer talk is almost making me h__y! LOL Steph, great post! Don't mind the ones who have sticks in their a__s! LOL See ya at Chili's!


tara - April 7

I LOVE it! I'm gonna copy, past and print this for my office! Thanks.


leslie - April 7

now that we are talking about beers and margaritas I have to say that when my baby is born I must get drunk, very very drunk. I think I deserve it..how much I wish I could only drink a cold corona with lime and salt RIGHT NOW!.. ..


~m~ - April 7

leslie, you pick the time and the place my dear.... drinks on me!! LOL


leslie - April 7

lol ~m~ first rounds on you!! and the last 10 on me!! have you tried the Coronas with lime,salt and hot sauce?!?


~m~ - April 7

You got a deal girl!! No I haven't tried that, but d__n it sounds awesome!! It's quitting time, so I'm going home to quench my thirst with an icy cold longneck!! LOL



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