Hopefully Pregnant? System Messed Up?

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BusyFitMommy - September 5

 I apologize for the long post! So my husband and I decided to start trying to get pregnant again recently but  before this in end of June and Mid-July I took the morning after pill ( different brands) and bleed both times for a full week shortly after taking them. I am not on birth control other than using condoms and wasn't set yet on another pregnancy hence why I took the pills. Well now that we are definitely trying I haven't gotten my period since July ( second morning after "period") and every test I take comes back negative. Yet I have symptoms like breast tenderness, tiredness, nauseas and frequent peeing. I am due for my period the first of every month. I had my last regular period in early July and took the pill and had it again around the 16th of July and haven't bleed since. So no periods in August and now I am late again for this month (5 days). I went to see an OB at my practice 2 weeks ago and he was soo rude! He did a urine test and went off of that and dismissed any of my other symptoms and refused to do a blood test. He also said to not go by the second period I got in July (because of the morning after pill) as a period. I am so confused and lost! I get so discouraged when I see the negative pop up on each test I take. We have had 2 healthy babies and both were on the first try. I have also NEVER missed a period before. Could I have possibly messed my system up that badly from taking two pills within 1 months? Should I demand a blood test? He said if I don't get my period by mid September to call so they give me a pill to induce it. Also to wait to retest until then. Thanks!


Grandpa Viv - September 6

I'm inclined to agree with the doctor. EC does mess with your cycle. Blood tests are nice but expensive and no more informative than a urine test a week later. I know you are anxious. Be patient. 



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