Hopsital Battle

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mcbanes_angel - June 18

my husband and i have been arguing about which hospital to use for birth. we live in a small town and the two nearest hospitals are 25 minutes and 45 minutes away. i like the 45 minute away hospitalit has a womans pavilion with private rooms and everything. i feel that i would be more comfortable at this hospital but my husband does not like the idea of driving 45 minutes with me in labor. what should i do to talk to him without him yelling at me?


shalyn - June 18

I think you should calmly explain to him that you would prefer the farther hospital because it would provide you with more privacy. Tell him that in those few days you will be there, both you and him need to bond with the baby and that will be kind of hard to do provided there is another couple/baby sharing the room with you. Explain to him that you'll have to practice your b___stfeeding in a quiet and calm environment and you may feel uncomfortable doing that in a shared room. Also, you have to think about your potential visitors. Family always likes to come to the hospital and see the new baby, and if you are sharing a room that is double the amount of family! The hospitals in my area all have private pavillions, but then there are some that don't. The hospital that don't sometimes put a restriction to the amount of visitors allowed in a room at one time. Meaning there can only be 2 visitors per family at one time...thats about 8 people in the room at once including you and your husband and excluding the babies. Then your other family members will have to wait outside for their turn. You can also make a deal with your husband...if your labor is severe then you will go to the closest hospital, but if your labor isn't progressing that fast he will drive you to the one you prefer. Sorry this is so long...just wanted to give you a few options.


Jamie - June 19

Tell him that when he's the one giving birth, he's the one who can pick the hospital. Til then, it's your choice. HIS comfort doesn't mean squat when YOU are the one doing all the work.


soimpatient - June 19

Tell him you'll take a cab and meet him there!


KellyO - June 19

We have like 5 hospitals in our area that you can give birth at and of course I chose the one that was the farthest away, 1 hour. With my first son, I was very scared about driving so far while in labor too. It all worked out though becuase I ended up having to be induced so the drive wasn't a problem. Now I am pregnant with #2 and I work only 10 minutes away and I am always near the hospital anyway, even though I still live one hour away. When it comes to the health and welfare of you and your child you should take great care in a__suring yourself that you are getting the highest qaulity of care, and your husband should understand that!


Lynne - June 19

Okay, well you are the one who will be in labor and if you can handle it, then it should be your call in the end.


mcbanes_angel - June 19

thnaks you guys. this hospital i like has a terrible "hospital" part, as far as general care and the emergency room. but their womens center is excellent. i know nothing of this hospital that he prefers, except that its closer. and your right, it is my decision. thank you.


lynnstress - June 19

Also consider if either or both are approved facilities on your insurance! But yes, I would also tell hubby that the next time something is going to come out of him, he can pick the hospital.


frankschick2001 - June 19

Just go with the hospital that YOU want. Driving an extra 20 minutes won;t hurt. Most of the time, going into labor is not what you see on TV. Your husband probably has an image in his mind of you having a contraction, and then suddenly everything gets chaotic and you give birth in the car. Most of the time, it is a VERY slow process that can take hours and hours, especially if it is your first. And it is especially stupid of him to decide on which hospital will take care of you based on driving distance! Thats just silly. Choose the BETTER hospital. And if he really felt too nervous about driving, call an ambulance and tell them which hospital to take you to.


CaliTrish - June 20

a__suming your insurance is accepted at both, you and your husband should tour both hospitals. Talk to the staff. Check out the facilities. Maybe your husband will be convinced that your choice is better once he visits.



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