Hormone Question

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john - July 19

my gf at the time got pregnant while she lived with me and everything was going great she was bragging about being pregnant at work and she let me tell my family and let everyone get excited about it and then a few weeks later something happened to her she started acting very strange she started getting irritated about everything and the last day she was here she was acting very depressed well that day she was supposed to go to the doctor and I was going to go with her but she left to go to her moms she says but come to find out she went to the doctor without me, then 3 days later she broke up with me saying that she could never be happy with me anymore but thats not what she was saying just a week before that, she also said I made her move in and she just went along with having s_x with me. Ok my question what is wrong with this girl? is she bipolar? pregnant hormones? personality disorder? any comments are welcome if she is still pregnant she would be around 16th week or so.


leslie - July 19

maybe she miscarried or had an abortion?? just a thought....


john - July 19

she had a pap smear done so I dont think she had an abortion atleast not then.


b - July 19



to john - July 19

How hard have you fought for her since she has left? I mean, have you tried to get in touch with her, send her flowers, in touch with her mom or family to see what is up. It could be so many things: maybe she found out something about you that you were hiding, maybe she got some bad news at the doctors (like miscarriage), maybe she has something to hide from you that she does not want to share with you, etc.....Sounds like if she is not talking with you she is taking the easy way out and being chicken. I say force her to talk to you. By that I mean keep pursuing- safely but steadily- until you get some answers. Bottom line is that she is carrying your child and you have a right to this child. So make sure you get her, or someone in her family to tell you what it up. Good luck and keep us updated!



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