Horrible Acne

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MJ - March 7

I have horrible acne all over my back. I am going to Florida in a few weeks and would love to wear a bathing suit. Any safe cures? I am about 9 weeks along. This is horrible and embarrassing!!!!!!


Robyn - March 7

I couldnt tell you but I am open for suggestions. My face is breaking out also and my skin in general is going crazy! Before I got pregnant Clearisil Ultra and Loreal Micro-Dermabrasion helped me, but lately it seems like nothing helps!


ekay - March 7

I have the same problem. I am using Oil of Olay Daily Facials for sensitive skin. My face is not 100% clear, but it keeps it under control at least.


P - March 7

Ask your doctor if it's okay for you to use a tanning bed a couple of times. I generally don't like tanningin any form but when i was in the south pacific last year I allowed myself to get a tan(ok I fell asleep on the beach...ouch) and boy did my skin look nice! I didn't have a lot of acne but what was there cleared up immediately. I think it may be better than putting any chemicals on yourself. Definitely check with you doctor though, I'm only making a possible suggestion and I don't know if it would be okay for sure.


tara - March 7

Tanning helps with acne on the body for sure. My sister has bad acne and her dr. always says to tan and keep the skin clean as much as possible. You can also get body a tea tree body wash that helps with acne. As for Robyn and ekay, wash your face 2-3 times a day and if you wear makeup clean it off as soon as you get home. Alos drink lots of water. That's the only thing that is helping me with acne on my face. I found that Evian skin care products, the daily face wash and the face scrub worked really good for me. good luck


lil - March 7



tara - March 7

that's right...i don't think tanning beds are good for pregnancy. When I was talking about my sister she had gone to natural tanning, and she was never preggers. Try the body wash I suggested...a few weeks might just be enough time for this. Also check with your Dr for any other suggestions.


MJ - March 7

Where can I find the tea tree body wash?


Tara - March 7

I've seen it at Lush. Check out thier website to see if there is a store near you. http://www.lush.com I have to warn you though it doesn't smell pretty..but work! They also have other body washes that work for acne.



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