Horrible Lower Back Pain

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M.A. - March 10

Last night a little before bed I started having a slight back pain. So around 8:30 I took a warm bath thinking it would help like usual. Then around 11:30 I woke up with such back pain that I couldn't move, lay down, or even sit up. I was up most of the night with this constant lower pain, and it has been a little bit in my lower stomach off & on. I'm hurting so bad I feel like crying right now. My doctor said Wednesday that I still have at least two or three weeks before I go into labor. So I don't think this is signs of labor starting. But who really knows? I was wondering if it's still safe to take a Tylenol for pain at 38 1/2 weeks? If this pain doesn't ease off I won't be able to function for the day with my 1 1/2 year old. Thanks!


cattac - March 10

I would call your dr. I had my son at 38 1/2 weeks. I have heard of people having "back labor" where your labor is felt mostly in your back maybe at first. So I would definitely go see someone. If you are 38 1/2 weeks there's a strong possiblity you might be in labor despite what your dr said.


robbinsnest - March 11

Sounds like back labor, I have had it twice. Hurts in your lower back, but your stomach will also harden up. You can go into labor anytime now. Good luck, I am also 38 weeks.


M.A. - March 11

I called my dr. Friday, and talked to a nurse. She didn't ask any questions. Just said I can take Tylenol. I've taken a few since then. But they didn't last long in between. Last night the pain was unbearable again, so I took a Tylenol, and even though I was still sore, I could at least sleep. Now I'm mainly sore & tired from the pain. But the Tylenol I took this morning has helped better. But if I continue to have agonizing back pain this weekend, I'm going to the hospital. I read that constant, lower back pain that doesn't go away isn't good. But I'm not sure if they mean if it doesn't go away or at least calm down with pain meds. or without.


Channy - March 11

i think you are in labor..back labor..i had that with my first child..back in april/2005..i was experiening back pain and went to the H at 4am, the nurse gave me 2 tylenol...found out i was dilated 2cm. they send me home..and my back pain just went on and on and on during that day*i couldnt sleep or anything* tried 20 baths..didnt work. so went back to the H at 7pm..dilated 3cm. found out i was actually in labor with back pain. So i think you might be in labor. You might want to go to the H to check for dilalation or something..


M.A. - March 15

Here's an update from my dr. appointment today. I told him about all of the pains I've been having. And he could see that I can't hardly walk. But I haven't even dialated one bit, so he couldn't strip my membranes, or do anything to help me. He said the reason I've been in so much pain this week is because the baby is so big, and there's no room in there, and he's so heavy for me! I guess I'm carrying a football player! Either that, or he's extra long. My husband is almost 6'5". But how am I supposed to help things along if I can't walk, or even have s_x at all? This is the third dr. that's said that this is a big baby. So does this mean I'll have to have a c-section? Or will I just die having him? Ahhhh!


robbinsnest - March 15

I have pretty big babies also and they are also 22" long. I havent had any problems delivering. You can get the babies head down by getting on your knees (knee chest position) and rocking your hips back and forth. You can do cat stretches, get on all four and its like a pelvic tilt. A birthing ball would be great for you. (any kind of large excercise ball) most hospitals have these also. Just set on it. Also, set in the bath tub of water , put your legs like your doing b___terflys and lean over on the side of the tub. Maybe one of these will work for you. good luck!



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