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Jenn - October 26

I feel like an aweful person. I'm 19 and i'm pregnant, due March 25. Baby started moving, and i'm getting excited, as is my fiancee, i couldn't wait to go to X-mas with my big belly and see my extended family. Yesterday though, i found out my cousin Kayla, 17 years old, is pregnant, due march 07. Its driving me crazy. I know i should want to be there to support her and help her out, since i sorta know what she's going through, but i feel like she's stealing my thunder! I'm actually mad at her about it! I feel bad, because i know i should be. I've been trying to look at it like, at least my baby will have a friend... but iust cannot be anthing but unhappy about it. Am I a horrible person?


jb - October 26

You are not a horrible person. I dont what it feels like to have someone steal your thunder. I think you will get over it and eventually be more excited, that you will have children close in age. It just takes a little while to get used to the idea of sharing the spotlight. You will get plenty of attention when you go see your family. And you and your cousin can talk about pregnancy and baby stuff together.


jb - October 26

I meant to say I know what it feels like to have someone steal your thunder.


K - October 26

You're not horrible. But, if you and Kayla are close, you can turn this into a lot of fun. My friend and I who work together are only two weeks apart. It can be so fun to compare symptoms and our sizes. Also, when we go shopping together we get tons of attention. Everyone thinks it is darling that there are 2 pregnant women together doing things. We get more attention in the maternity stores than anyone else, and in regular stores too. Even with your family, you may get more attention because there are 2 of you. If you guys live near each other, you can turn this into a really good thing. Also think of all the holidays where you will have so much fun watching the 2 kids playing together and having a great time.


~ME~ - October 26

You should be excited about this, now you have someone to talk to that knows what you are going through! A friend of mine was due 3 day before me (but she delivered 6 wks. early) I liked that I had someone to relate to - even though she is a drama queen, (she had the baby 2 weeks ago and is still complaining!!) I was a little lost after she had her baby because my pregnant buddy wasn't pregnant anymore! Anyhoo, what I'm trying to say is just enjoy your pregnancy and try and look at the bright side of having someone else around as big as you are, she will not steal your thunder believe me, I'm sure everyone will notice your big stomach just as much as hers!!


... - October 26

nope your not horrible, i remember a post a while ago about something like this and be thankful cause almost all the women there jumped down her throat about being an awful selfish person... kinda weird how that happens! but anyways just enjoy your pregnancy your only pg for 9 monthes so enjoy it and be happy for yourself.. thats all that matters


just a thought - October 26

If you really think about it she is due BEFORE you that makes it you who is stealing her thunder...think about that for a second so that means she got pregnant before you did how would you like it if she got mad at you about this....I am not trying to be mean or anything be happy that you have someone that knows what you are going thru in fact since she is a little bit further along than you she can let you know what to expect so you are lucky in that respect so try not to be so selfish...it may just back fire and make you look silly...good luck and take care


ra - October 26

WOW, I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!!! My when I found out i was pregnant I was so excited and wanted to tell my family. Then I found out my older sister is pregnant...again. THis is my first and wanted to experience everything without her stealing away my thunder as well. I does stink that i have to share all the joy with her, i told my mom, why does she have to be pregnant too? My mom said dont worry about it, she already has gone through this and the fact that this is my first, shes happy for me.


ra - October 26

anyways dont feel bad, I can understand, and i dont think anything is wrong with the way you feel. I think its just normal, this is something really big, and you should be able to turn this into a positive thing. Why dont you share some of your thoughts together, it might help.


Lisa - October 26

When I told my family I was pregnant everything was great..then a few weeks later I hear that my cousin was pregnant as well. This is our first for both of us. She did not want to tell anyone because..and these are her exact words "Because she did not want to steal my thunder.".... what a b___h. We never really got along to being with, but why say something like that? Her being pregnant is not going to take away anything from my experience and my joy... I was upset that she actually said that; not that she was pregnant. Nobody is taking anything away from me unless I let them; and I don't think I'm going to to do that.


ally - October 26

listen to the others now u have someone to talk too about it all, symptoms, feelings, i loved having a friend pregnant the same time as me altho she has been there b4 i'd ask her stuff that was worrying me. It does sound like ur getting worked up for nothing honestly, just use it as a time to have someone to chat too about it all and for sure ur child will have a playmate, u will see its a win win situation later down the track when u think about it properly, good luck and remember babies are unpredictable, with ur first pregnancy u can go 2 weeks later or 2 weeks earlier, u never know urs may come first, never rule it out as i email a girl from this site and she was due i think 3 weeks after me, she had her baby 3 days b4 me so go figure huh, again good luck and alot of ur feelings would be ur hormones going nuts and it will all be over soon. You will perhaps think differently after the baby comes if it doesn't happen beforehand.


Hey Jenn! - October 27

No, your not a bad person hun. I know how you feel. I think I can top your bad person thing. I cooked a bug for two hours in some beans......removed the bug....continued cooking the beans for another hour and still served the f'ing beans. I am a horrible person. I didn't want to waste the d__n beans. I didn't eat them though so that's really horrible. Imma bend over so you all can kick me in the a__s.


Ummm - October 27

Bug Beans Anyone???


Lisa - To Jenn - October 27

Hahhaha! Nasty...but funny.


Jodie - October 27

My sister in law found out she was pregnant a couple of weeks after i found out and im so excited for them both, their first baby, a boy, was born at 25 weeks and died 3 days later, so its only natural that they would be getting most of the attention, so i thought anyway, but the attention seems to be evenly split. im just happy that shes almost full term and will have a healthy baby, its been great having someone going through the same thing at the same time and im happy that my son will have a cousin the same age as him


jenny - October 28

No you are not a bad person I was 18 when I got pregnant and then her comes my sister whogets pg when im only3 months along I felt the same way. You should go to xmas to see your family and try not to show how upset you are. You never know she probley feels the same way. It will all work out it did for me and my sis. Are kids are realy close to each othe and its nice to have another new mom to vent about when you get stressed or have? She will probley need your advice on lots of things. good luck jenny



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