Horrible Sense Of Smell

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savannahmg - February 10

I am 14 wks pregnant and been having this horrible sense of smell. The smell started around my 9th week and I can't hardly stand going home. We moved into a brand new home back in March of 05' and all my friends and family seem to think that the smell I am smelling is from th enew carpet and the paint. It's so bad that I sometimes stay with my mom on the weekends because I can't stand it. I REALLY NEED SOME ADVICE!!! Everyday after work on my way home I dread going into my home because I literlly gag and sometimes throw up because of it. I stay in my car anywhere between 10-15 mins. before my daughter (4) starts asking to go inside. I don't know what to do about this situation. I've bought ARM & HAMMER, sprays and an air purifier and it still does not work. My doctor recommended that I put VICKS under my nose to block out the smell, but of course that only worked for a couple days. IS ANYONE GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING. PLEASE PLEASE help with any advice I really would appreciate it. Thanks!!!


Charlene - February 10

Some things in pregnancy are just no fun!! I think it is normal and should abate soon. In my first trimester, smells really irritated me. The worst one for me was the smell of someone BBQing. I would feel so nauseous around it and I could definitely not do it either. I also had trouble eating anything that was BBQ'd because of the smell. I cannot recall when it went away, but the 2nd trimester was much better. Unfortunately I did not get to experience much of the 3rd ( I had a preemie- who should be coming home in the next few days) so I am not sure if the smell thing will return like nausea does for some. Good Luck and hope this ends for you soon. And so sorry, I have no suggestions for you


livdea - February 10

I'd say you have a hightened sense of smell! I can walk through a grocery store or a Wal-Mart/Target and tell you with my eyes closed what isles we are walking by. Either the carpet isle, the tuperwear, shampoo, towels...it's crazy! I can't tell you how to handle it cause, well, yeah, I don't know! I would say the vicks too, but if thats already wearing off then it sucks! Try to stick with it and maybe add some fans for circulation throughout the house? Good luck, sorry I'm not more help!


savannahmg - February 10

Charlene: Thanks for your email. Hope all goes well with your baby.


savannahmg - February 10

livdea: Thanks. I feel the same way about the isles @ the stores. I don't even go shopping anymore because of it.I have to send my husband, and gosh poor them, they just dont' understand - whatever!!!!!


Angela - February 11

The smell I couldn't stand was of level 3 floral dryer sheets. Everywhere I would go someone was using them and I wanted to throw up - I even had to ask a kid in our youthgroup to sleep in a different room on our last outing because I couldn't stand how she smelled - I am just in the beginning of my 2nd trimester and smells don't bug me too much anymore.



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