Hot Flashes

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JM - March 11

Does any one get hot flashes???????? I thought it was strange to get them during pregnancy.


Julie - March 11

I wake up in the middle of the night as hot as can be and then a few minutes later I am freezing!


stacey - March 11

Julie-me too, but I'm not pregnant :(


Ashley - March 11

Sweating bullets these days!!!


shawna - March 25

i can be sitting quietly and all of a sudden i start seatting and getting really hot, so i open the window and peaple complain cuz its too cold but i feel fine?..


JLorenzo - March 25

My wife is a walking hot flash! The thermometer in our house reads 59 degrees and I am bone chilling cold, while she sits around sweating! It is sick!


Chris - April 4

YES! YES! YES! My face feels like its on fire, then I start to sweat, I strip off the sheets. Not 2 minutes later I'm freezing. I'm 32 and 5 weeks pregnant.


Answer from Internet - April 4

Some women feel warm or flushed during the initial months of pregnancy due to rising levels of female hormones such as estrogen. This increase in estrogen levels is due to increased production by the ovaries and by the placenta during the course of pregnancy. Estrogens are largely responsible for the redness or blotchy appearance of the skin on the face, upper chest, arms and especially the palms of the hands. Sweating tends to increase as well. The feeling of being warm, flushed and sweaty is similar to but occurs for a different reason than a hot flash. This usually goes away during the latter half of pregnancy or in the months following delivery. The term "hot flash" is usually used to describe the warm, flushed feeling menopausal women experience when estrogen levels are extremely low. Most women going through menopause experience hot flashes. They are typically described as sudden feelings of heat spreading over the body, lasting approximately 30 seconds to several minutes. They occur any time day or night, but typically are worse at night because sleep is disturbed. They usually respond to supplemental estrogen. Hot flashes usually will disappear gradually over a period of months to years, even without the use of supplemental estrogen.


Sarah - April 7

I've been getting hot/cold flashes for the past few weeks, I'm about 5-6weeks. Anyone know what causes them? Anything to worry about?


Natasha - April 25

I am 34 weeks and I have just started getting hot flashes. Is this normal?


Sam - April 25

JM, I'm 15 weeks and I started having hot flashes at 7 weeks. I went to the doc because they were making me light-headed. Turns out I have heart palpitations. Nice.



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