Hot Tub Use

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Diane - October 19

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone here has used a hot tub while trying to conceive or during pregnancy. I've read a few things on how it's not good, but nothing has really been confirmed. I'm not pregnant now but am trying, and I have started to take folic acid, but I also like to relax in my hot tub before going to bed! Just want to make the right decision, so I'm looking for some feedback!


lana - October 19

I don't know the effects when you're TRYING to get pregnant, but I have read & been told by my doc (I'm 35 weeks) not to soak in a hot tob while pregnant because the heat can be harmful to the baby because it's already in heat & you'll basically be "cooking" it.


Diane - October 19

Hi Lana, Thanks for that, I'll have to look into it a little more and take that into consideration!


M.A. - October 19

I love hot baths at the end of the day too. I don't have a hot tub with the bubbles and all. But when I take a bath I don't use any cold water at all. Especially with this pregnancy, because I'm always cold since this pregnancy. I took hot baths all the time with my last, and it didn't hurt anything.


ker - October 19

I heard that if your temp raises over 102 degrees F that it can cause neural tube defects. However, only 2 out of 1000 babies are effected with neural tube defects such as spina bifida, but the defects have been linked to high temperatures in early pregnancy. Even if you run a fever over 102 degrees. It is still unlikely, but why take the risk if you are pregnant or think you might be?


Kitty - October 19

The heat from hot tubs,hot baths, tanning beds and ex. are dangerous because it can cause spinal problems in the baby like spina bifada. This would not effect the baby while you are trying to conceive obviously because there is no baby yet!!


Mary - October 19

I am 38 and 1/2 weeks pregnant and have used my hottub my ENTIRE pregnancy. We lowered the temperature to 97 degrees so it is safe to use it. At that temp there is no way I can overheat. I used it to help with morning sickness and later in the pregnancy to aliviate back pain and sore feet. I go in there everynight for about 25 minutes and I forget I am pregnant, I float and feel light as a feather and everything is nice. I am 36 and have had a perfect pregnancy (low blood pressure all the way, no diabetes, nothing strange, the baby is perfect, all tests show so). So, if your hubby is willing to lower the temp and deal with 10 months of a warm pool of water to realx on, then go for it. As long as the temp is low, it is safe. My doctor even told me to keep on using it as long as my water does not break (which only happens to 15% of all moms, before labor starts).


D - October 19

I think if there is even a 1% chance of a problem with hot water (or anything else for that matter), then a responsible mother would not take that chance!


jorden - October 19

they say not to take a hot bath or get into a hot tub. i took a really hot shower everyday when i was pregnant. I told my doctor and she advised me not to because(like tanning) It heats you from the inside, out instead of the outside, in. But it was the only thing that made me feel better so i did it and nothing went wrong.


ally - October 19

I took a bath every night when pregnant, never heard of it before, so u shouldn't take a shower then either, the hot water touches u there too,


MAH - October 20

Now I am worried - if you can't take a bath (I am from UK :o)) and you can't have a shower, how do I clean myself properly because I don't know about anybody else but I have found myself to need extra cleaning with this pregnancy!! The idea of washing over a sink everyday doesn't really appeal but if I have to.....



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