Hot Water Shower

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Mrs. - October 13

Wanted to know that is having a shower with very hot water bad during pregnancy and when not pregnant.Another thing is that the dark area around my nipples have become much larger and also my ribs pain at times.Are these signs of anything?Any responce would be appreciated.


Viv - October 13

Rib pain later in pregnancy is from the baby pushing on the diaphragm, which is connected to the rib cage. Hope this is relevant.


Mrs - October 13

Thanks for the responce viv but what about the other things(the shower and larger nipples).Do you have any idea?


Red - October 13

Larger dark area around nipples during pregnancy is common. This happens because your b___sts are actually becoming larger and so your nipple is stretching. Don't worry about it. Rib pain is due to your ribs seperating & spreading with the growth of your baby. This is common too so don't worry about it. I have really never heard anything about hot showers except if you are near your due date. If same is true I have heard that hot showers can relax you so much that they can a__sist with progressing labor and delivery. Some woman who have a long delivery the hospital will have them take a hot shower to a__sist with progression. I do know that a hot bath is a no no b/c of the bacteria that remains in the water & can enter the v____a. I hope I helped.


E - October 13

About the shower... I need my hot shower every evening as it helps me to relax. I sit in the tub and let the hot steamy water shower on me. I think as long as you are not in the shower for longer than 10-15 minutes, everything is okay. Obviously, avoid hot tubs and hot baths b/c your body is totally submerged in the heat, which can be harmful to the baby.


name - October 13

the nipples also get larger and darker so the baby can see better for b___st feeding. I heard the same about hot baths/showers..not recommended because the mother can get faint and dizzy more easily during pregnancy.Your temp should not be raised over so much..I cant remember the number tho..But as long as u are in there for under 10 mins its fine!!


brucen - October 13

Baths are very good for pregnant women. The problem is more the temperature than the actual bath. Be sure that you avoid the use of hot tubs and hot baths (above 100 degrees F). These can cause your body temperature to rise, and this can cause problems for a developing baby, particularly in the first trimester. Baths are a great source of relaxation and also work well for the aches and pains of pregnancy. Your baby is not in danger of getting germs from bathing. The baby is protected by the amniotic sac and the mucous plug. Although we have done studies that have shown that water doesn't really enter the v____a during bathing anyway.


V - October 14

I find it hard to believe that bathing in a tub does not cause problems. If same is true, why do OB's tell you not to go swimming after 8 months do to bacteria. If not swimming is b/c of bacteria then I would think tub bathing would be the same b/c your v____a is still submerged. I don't think you are correct BruceN. Sorry. I do know the heat is a problem so watch that. In the meantime, ask your OB. They know best!


name - October 14

the water doesn't go inside your v____a unless it is forced, like by jumping or something. read what to expect when you're expecting, it covers this.But the heat thing is correct.



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