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Emily - December 11

My man and I are planning to have a relaxing night without the kids, in our hot tub, I am 38 + 1 weeks pregnant. Does anyone think that this would irritate my uterus? Thanks for your time!


rl - December 11

sitting in hot water is not really good from what I have been told you should really ask your doctor what temp is safe for the baby


Brittany - December 11

It's not a good idea to sit in a hot tub while pregnant. It raises your body temperature if you sit in hot water (hot tub or bath tub). Imagine your baby in an already 98.6 degree atmosphere and the temperature's like getting a fever. Ask your doctor though.


Beccah - December 11

It won't irritate your uterus, but like the last two say: it will raise your body temp. I got in a hot tub while pregnant, despite everyone's warnings. Just get out when you start to feel overheated... being preg, you're extra sensitive to everything and once you feel yourself get uncomfortably hot then your body temp is getting too high and your body is telling you to get out.


SHelly - December 11

I got a list from my doc. when i first went to see her. It says : Avoid HOt Tubs, very hot baths or showers, heating pad on the abdomen or overheating from exercise. I wouldnt do it! Ask your doctor first.


Olivene - December 11

I am in Japan. I asked the doctor about hot baths because I like them really hot. He didn't think it was causeforconcern, but I have read it is. I just try not to stay in long. Check with your doctor just to be safe.


Heather L - December 11

Most drs will tell you it is ok for a FEW minutes. 5-10 minutes isn't going to raise your temperature over 104. Don't worry about it. I have HOT baths almost every night. My dr said that is completely fine. I did it with my first two boys and everything was fine. They were very healthy babies. You just don't stay in as long as you would when you aren't pregnant! :) You could get in for 5-10 mins and have your man give you a nice back ma__sage. THEN, you can get out and just have your legs dangle in (one on each side of his back) and return the favor by giving him a shoulder rub! Have fun!


i am not sure - December 12

i would like to say that you might want to stay clear of the hot tub, but i just dont know, i was told by my doctor that hot baths were ok because the temp doesnt stay a constant high heat, and that it fluctuates so much that it really doesnt matter, but with a hot tub, it stays the same temp, so to stay away from them...but i am only 13 weeks along, so that rule might change as you get farther along, but i dont know...i would recommend talking to your doc about it...good luck, and enjoy your evening alone with your hubby!


Lynne - December 12

I agree, I would stay clear of the hot tub. You don't want to raise your core temperature. Plus your cervix may be opening since you are almost term and I wouldn't want to risk an infection getting inside there.



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