Hottubs And Bubble Baths

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aggie03 - April 24

I forgot to ask my doc last visit. But I read you should avoid hot tubs b/c of the bacteria and temp and temp for long baths. Is this during the whole pregnancy? Also, my Doc seemed to think most of these type of questions were people over reacting and not really thinking about it. He says yes to sushi(small amts), unpast. cheese (Greeks have babys all the time), running, small occasional glass of wine, etc. How do your dr. rate?


aggie03 - April 24

Oh, b/c my hubby made me get out of the bath this sunday saying, "stop boiling my kid.." He he


Celia - April 24

Taking a bath is ok as long as you don't use extremely hot water. Hot tub's are a definite no-no though. The water temp in a hot tub is just too much.


Alycia - April 24

The idea with the hot baths is to get out before your core body temp gets too elevated. I've taken hot baths almost every day since December for relief of aches and pains, but I always get out before I feel overheated. I checked my temp several times in the beginning, and I never got above 99 degrees before getting tired of the tub anyway.


venus_in_scorpio - April 24

ooh he said yes to sushi?? I am so asking my doctor about that ive been craving salmon sushi...


mcatherine - April 24

My docs says yes to everything you mentioned, with exception to the hot tub. He says no to hot tubs. I eat sushi, I eat small amounts of soft cheeses regularly and I take a bubble bath every single night. He also says yes to the occasional gla__s of wine, but I just haven't had one yet - waiting for a celebratory evening or something like that!


aggie03 - April 24

arent most hot tubs around 102F, if so wouldnt your bath water have to be over body temp to feel warm? just thought it would be no to both.


Erynn21 - April 24

My dc. is pretty mellow, she said it's fine to take baths, but to watch the temp. I haven't even felt like going in a hot tub, I know the water is just too hot and the thought kinda makes me nauseated(I get that if I'm too hot). I think moderation is the key, people can be completely paranoid and have a baby with allergies or problems, then someone who is less cautious can have a healthy big baby. Moderation that's the biggest thing, I wouldn't eat sushi, but I think it's gross, no offense to those who like it. If your dc. says fine go ahead and enjoy.


San - April 24

My parents have an outdoor hot tub and I go in it almost every Sunday. They get the temp down to 101 for me and I'm only in there for 5-7 mins so as not to raise my body temp too much like Alycia says and it is the best thing in the world for my aching back.


Alycia - April 24

Hot tubs are normally WAY hotter than 102 degrees. In fact, 102 feels pretty lukewarm.


Allie - April 24

I have a hot tub which I have used throughout pregnancy - I just keep the temp around 100-101 and make sure I don't stay in too long. As long as your body temp isn't going above 102 your okay, so with the tub temp below that I don't worry so much as I did in the first trimester (I'm 32 weeks)...I don't think I could get all the aches out at this point without that soak at least once a week. My dr. doesn't seem at all concerned about it. I do have to make sure my hubby is with me, b/c I'm afraid I'll slip trying to get out w/out his help with my balance so off now :)


San - April 24

Hot tubs are the temp you make them...with my parents being outside 101 is the perfect temp in this still not warm weather.


San - April 24

didn't mean that to sound b___hy..sorry if i did


GraceRenee - April 24

I have been living in Japan for almost 6 years, where hot (HOT!) baths are a national pasttime and sushi is as common as hamburgers and french fries in the states. I agree with aggie03's doctor, people are over reacting and not really thinking... Japanese have healthy babies all the time too!



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