How Accurate Is A Doctor S Urin Test

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Jen - August 25

I went to the doctors two weeks ago and took a urin test and it came out neg. However I still haven't had my period, and my last period was in June. Could the urine test be wrong? What else, other than stress, could affect my menstral cycle?


manda - August 9

you should retest or you can get a blood test to see if your pregnant. good luck


Tanya - August 9

You should retest, i had a NEG result at 6 weeks from the Dr


Ben - August 10

NO, the test cannot be wrong. If your doctor has confirmed that you are not pregnant, then you are not pregnant.


Nay - August 10

Sorry Ben but you are wrong. My sister had 3 maybe 4 neg urine test from the Doctor. She was finally retested by blood and she was infact pregnant. You should def retest with blood...good luck.


Jen - August 10

I think I am going to go again to the doctor's because I felt dizzy the other day and I'm getting very slight cramps like if about to get my period but it doesn't come--and i've been feeling like this for about a week now! By the way thanks everyone for the advice.


Jen - August 10

Oh and another thing, for those who know people who got neg urine test from the doctor but were infact pregnant--how were they or you feeling--what made you go back to the doctors to get retested?


sabrina - August 18

your doctor can be worng very wrong... my sister got her period every month but had signs of pregnancy the doctor did test and kept telling her she wasnt pregnant and then what do you know on April 20th she gave birth to my nephew Jackson.


milissa - August 18

I have the same thing happing to me. I had my period on 31st of july it lasted 3 days. I always have them at least 7. I have felt dizzy, tired, bloated sick a little. Went to the doctors negative. And on my first child I had a peroid. When I found out I was 2 months pregnent. So get a blood Test.


brucen - August 18

The urine test doctors give are probably the same as the most sensitive ones you can buy over the counter. So yes there can be a degree of error as with any pregnancy test.


Missy - August 25

they are as acurate as the ones you buy at a store, is what the nurse told me..


SaRaH - August 25

The most accurate way to tell if you are pregnant is a blood test. If you do not have insurance they can be a little expencive.



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