How Are You Carrying And What Are You Having

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April4 - March 7

Hello. I'm April. I'm 18 weeks into my fourth pregnacy. I'm carrying low and hoping for a girl, but I keep hearing that carrying low mean its a boy. Maybe its because its my fourth child. My doc told me that my placenta is thin.... never heard that before either. I was just wondering how everyone is carrying .... high or low and what they are having. Thanks for any comments.


Mommy_to_be - March 7

I carried low my whole pregnancy, everyone said I was having a boy - but I had a little girl <3


Mommy_to_be - March 7

If this is your 4th pregnancy, you could be carrying low bc your stomach muscles are stretched out already (you show sooner and carry different after several pregnancies).


missycc4 - March 7

My husband said that I dropped around 7 months and I've been low ever seen. I'm having a girl plus I'm all front.


missycc4 - March 7

Plus this is baby number 4


SaraH - March 7

I think how you care just depends on your build and such. The whole carry high/low/all in front/etc. means you're having a boy/girl, I think is pretty much a wives tale (although theres always that 50-50 chance that it's going to be right :) ). We didn't find out what we were having but I've been all in front and high -until last week when baby dropped. My sil had a baby last yr. and everyone told her it was a boy b/c of how she was carrying, she had a girl.


lawlady72 - March 8

At 18 weeks I don't really think you can determine how you are carrying because your uterus is just now coming out of your pelvic region and this is why you don't really start "showing" until your 2nd trimester. But my last pregnancy I was low, all in front and you couldn't tell I was preggo from behind at all. Everyone insisted that this meant I was having a boy and even went so far as to buy me blue teddy bears, etc., well my dd was born and threw everyone off.


DownbutnotOUT - March 8

With my 1st I carried so low and like a football, with my 2nd I carried low and than he moved up and I was carrying high and like a basketball, with my 3rd I swear I was carrying her in my stomach she was so high up and obviously it was a girl. Now im pregnant with my 4th, 5th pregnany, and Im carrying like I did with my daughter but the u/s tech said I have a 60-70% chance of having a boy.


April4 - March 16

ok thanks


moescrilla - March 17

well, your uterus starts actually coming out of the pelvic region around 12 weeks. But I agree it just depends on your build and how many pregnancy's you've had. Usually after your first, you'll show sooner because the muscles have already been stretched out. My first child "they say" I was carring him like a football (all in my sides) and I was having a boy, and sure enough, he was a little boy. Now, my sister in laws mother (she was correct with all of my sil's kids and my son) said it looks like I'm carrying a girl (all in front) but I'll find out in a couple weeks if she's right. If she is, this will the the 6th in a row she's guessed right! Im 15 wks 2 days pregnant now.


mommyssweethearts0506 - March 20

I carried high for both of my pregnancies and had a boy and a girl - March 22

i am carrying high and i'm having a boy. whith my daughter i carried low. hope this helps. but as you know...every pregnancy is different....for everyone!


April4 - March 23



c_baer19 - March 28

I'm carrying low and having a girl, this is my first and I'm 23 weeks.


carla123 - March 28

i carried low and all out front i was having girl!!


Kristin11 - March 28

lol i carried both my kids high and i am 37 1/2 weeks prego with a boy and my first was a girl


DeeD - March 28

April, pregnancy is different for everyone. The best way to find out is to get an us. Is that a possibility? I want a girl too. Good Luck!



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