How Bad Is Labor

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Teresa - June 21

Are labor pains really bad? has anyone ever felt anything worse than labor pains?


Cynthia - June 21

It doesn't feel great. Everyone has there own pain tolerance level. The good thing is is that afterward you tend to forget how painful it really was and are willing to do it again. especially when you see the baby you've brought into the world. I'm one baby 3 even though the 1st one was 20 hours of labor then a emergency c-section


kim - June 21

I was interested in this question too...I have endometriosis, my last period before I became pregnant was the most PAINFUL experience of my life! I was at work when the cramping started, it took me right off my feet. I had to crawl across the room to call my coworker to come in and take over. I stayed curled up behind the desk till she got there. Then I had my husband take me to the ER because I knew the pains were not normal. If labor is any bit worse than this im done for. lol


Katharine - June 21

No, I have never felt anything as bad as labor. I broke a bone once, but it was a different kind of pain. Overall, though, it is a natural experience and your body is made for it (or so I keep telling myself as my delivery is in a few weeks : )


kee kee - June 21

i had my first baby 3 months ago. i had to be induced after the doctor broke my water the labor pains were coming so fast and so quick that i could not cooperate between pains. i had 4 degree lasaractions, i told myself never again, but everyday when i look into my baby's eyes i say its all worth it. i gave someone a chance a life. i would do it all over again.


Ruth - June 22

This is my third baby.The first time round I remember my midwife told me that you know what the pain is and because of that there is no worry attached to it .That helped me alot as i knew what the pain was.With my seconded baby In the last 6wks i took raspberry leaf tabs and the labour was so much better.It was painful but very quick and i was home in 4 hours feeling great.Im 13wks pg again and yes i will be raspberrying again.It is what i would call a good pain because at the end of it you get the best thing.Your baby.We may have to go through labour But I think we are the lucky ones!!


Julie - June 22

My water broke and I got to the hospital and had an epidural so I didn't really feel the pains for too long but they weren't pleasant.


Jessicca - June 22

I haven't yet! And I'm terrified! I've been having Braton Hick's Contractions (Pre-labor Contrations) and there horrible...they hurt. You have to concentrate hard on something then they'll go away. Braxton Hick's Contractions usually happen just on one side of your belly, back or just that little pain on one side frightens me...soon I will be having contrations all over my belly and back!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 22

Having ingrown toenails removed and gallstone "attacks" hurt me worse than labor, if you can relate to either of those.


ingrown toenails - June 22

God those are painful! I didn't have insurance for awhile at one point (years ago) and had one for 2 years! Never felt so much pain! I feel for you Tiff!


Misty - June 22

I had kidney stones once and they were nothing compared to my labor. I have a very high pain tolerance. I have broken many bones and gotten hurt quite a few times because I was a tomboy. The kidny stones were the worst though....until labor. I think it is that people have different labors though, not about pain tolerance, I really believe it isn't as bad for some people. I see them on t.v. sometimes and they just sweat a little and that is it. What the.....I was in PAIN, the worst I had ever felt. I had to get an epidural, I wanted to go natural, but for me, I just couldn't take it.


Wanda - June 22

Can anybody compare Labor pains to migraine attacks? This is my first baby and I know what it is to have one day long migraine attacks. Any advice?


leslie to tiffany - June 22

did they remove your ingrown toenail without anestesia(sp)???


Jodie - June 22

Labour really really really bloody hurts, but as soon as your baby is out you forget all about it and realise it was all worth it. If it was the worst thing in the world everyone would be an only child


Hope - June 22

Labor pains are pretty bad, but its like a cramp, only worse. There are so many methods to keep calm and to ease the pain, breathing and lamaz. You will do great!


Jennifer - June 23

I had pure back labor with my daughter. It hurts bad. But the worst part is you can't get comfortable every position you lie in is painful. Good luck honey


Adri - June 23

I have been through labor twice and I think maybe the epidural and the engoregment are worse than the labor, at least for me. I got the epidural both times but I still felt some pretty intense pain when I was actually giving birth. I hope that doesn't scare you :)



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