How Common Is An Episiotomy

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wondering - October 28

I was reading up on episiotomies and just wondering how common they are during labour? Is there anything that can be done pre-labour to help so that I don't tear, or don't need an episiotomy? It doesn't sound like the most fun...


krissy - October 28

not sure how comoon they are i guess it just depends on your doctors beliefs. i had one with my daughter and it was painful for almost a month afterwards. and almost two before i even wanted to attempt being intimate again. my cousin had a baby and she tore and she said it didn't really hurt and healed rather quickly. i'd talk to your doctor and see what he believes in so he knows how you stand on the issue. i never did and wished i had as i would have never wnated it done unless absolutely neccessary. i would have pushed longer.


Sara - October 28

they are not so common anymore my doc believes its much better to tare when it come to healing I had one with my first and was long time healing then just tore with my 2nd and was walking around right abter birth it was great cause with the st_tches it hurts more and take longer to heal


kr - October 28

Wondering- It does depend on how your doc feels, but it is even more important how you feel. You can request that you not have one unless it is neccesary. You can even specify how much you want to tare before you want to try an episiotomy. I


wondering - October 28

Thanks so much for the info... I will have to talk to my dr... hopefully she can shed some more light on this... Interesting to hear that tearing was preferred to being cut!


Sara - October 29

let us know what your doc thinks please


Heather - October 30

Just to let you know that alot of docs and midwives do perineal ma__sage to help prepare and to help avoid tearing. Mine did, but my first's elbow snagged me and ripped me deep inside. If her elbow hadn't grabbed me, I may not have torn. I did end up with alot of st_tches though, 32. I didn't feel pain from the tear during delivery (too much else was going on I think!) But the st_tching wasn't comfortable (but didn't last too long!) I had her on wed morning, 547 am, and was up and out of bed taking a shower around 10 am or 11 am. I'm hoping this time not to tear, but if I do, that's why docs can do st_tches, right! Here is a website that tells you a little about the perineal ma__sage :


Jodie - October 31

It is generally better to tear than to be cut, when they cut they have to cut through layers of muscle but when you tear naturally its usually just the skin tearing. I tore with both of mine, apparently quite badly with my second, but i never felt it, was able to get up and move around straight away and had no problems, although with my first the hospital was extremely busy and it took 2 hours for a dr to come and do my st_tches, at which point i was no longer numb down there and had to have needles, they hurt worse than giving birth



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