How Developed Is The Baby

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Kaleigh - October 19

Hi, I'm nearly 6 weeks pregnant. At the moment I am still considering whether or not to keep the baby. But I just wanted to check what stage the baby (well feotus) is at right now (6 wks) I mean has the heart started beating yet? are there any other developments? Also when do you normally start getting morning sickness>? I feel very sick but not actually been sick, also feel a little dizzy most of the time is that normal???


Lori - October 19

I am now 13 weeks pregnant with my second child and never had morning sickness with this pregnancy or my first also I had an ultrasound done at 6 weeks and there is a heartbeat.


kaleigh - October 19

i dont know you or your current life sutuiation. but i do know this. i got pregnant not on purpose. it was just something that happened i was only with my boyfriend for two months and i was so scared. i thought he woudlnt want it. at first he was a little unexcited but as soon as things started happening it was ok . i wanted my baby more than anything in this world and we had a m/c . my older sister cannot have babies becuase she has chromes diesease and isnt able to actually carry a baby at 19 she had a histerectomy and i know ppl like her would give anything to get a baby she has been trying to adopt a baby now for over 3 years. but because she is only in average cla__s earning standards and ulthought has been with her fiance for 4 years , unmarried. with my first pregnancy i didnt even get morning sickness until 12 weeks. tell your doctor you are considering an abortion . they should ask you if oyu want an us first . than you can make your desiion.. in the end you are your own person . but you do have options. there are clinics for pregnant women. ppl to talk to who can help you . shelters ever which arnt crummy they are apartmetns ... for pregnant or newely mothered ppl who need help . as well . there is alwasy adoption. that way you dont have to decided now you have a while longer.


Viv - October 20 ... dizzy is blood being used elsewhere


angel one - October 20

hey kaleigh, has your sister concidered having a family member carry the baby for her, as in a sarrogot mother? just a though as i was reading your post!


angel one - October 21

oh sorry it wasnt you kaleigh, it was the oter poster!!, but kaleigh when i was pg with my daughter i had to have a scan to find out my due date and i was 7weeks at the time(we found out) i saw the baby well dot on the screen even have pics of her, also i saw her little heart actually beating, an little white dot inside the bigger dot, that was blinking!!



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