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~S~ - March 23

What was your first reaction when you found out that you were pregnant, and how did you react afterwards when it sunk in??? I always knew I wanted to have a baby with my bf and he wanted it too, BUT we never planned on it happening so soon. Before I took the test, he already had the feeling that I was pregnant, I was in denile though...So when I took the test and it came back positive, I didn't know what to think. I just remember walking out of the bathroom with this expressionless look on my face and handed him the stick. He knew, because I didn't come out of the bathroom with that *whew!* look. At first I couldn't believe and I think I felt a bit awkward and happy, but once it sank it I cried and cried and cried!! I didn't know if we could keep it and if we were ready, but at teh same time, I was beggin myself to find a way to make everything okay. Oh man, I was a huge mix of emotions. One minute I was totally fine with it, then the next minute I said we couldn't have it...Wow, this went on for almost 2 weeks, but then I decided that there was no way we could let it go....I'm not SOOOO happy, and my bf says he's never seen anyone so happy before. When I look back at how I felt, it makes me feel sad or guilty. It's weird how things work out.


~S~ - March 23

I meant to say I'm SOOOO happy. Not "I'm not Sooo happy" hahah...


Heidi - March 23

You had a very normal reaction to an unplanned pregnancy. I did the same thing you did and I don't think the hormones helped me either! I was back and forth with the idea and would cry and then be happy, then cry! Congrats!


~S~ - March 23

Yeah, it was frustrating. My bf would take me out to keep me occupied so that I don't think about it, because it was litterally all I thought about every minute of everyday. It was sooo hard to focus on life and work...On new years we planned to stay in, just the 2 of us, but that was of course before we found out. But when we found out and when I was a mess, he suggested we go to his sisters house to help take my mind of things for the night...It did help, but once we got back home, i began to sink back into my thoughts...I know my feelings were normal, my bf was soo supportive too, but I think it started to take a tole on him,because his feelings begain to chang. Oh well, we're both happy with our decision now, so everything is great.


Julie - March 23

The doctors told me I may never have children. I just got married in October and we decided to try...because it may take a long time. I was pregnant in a month!!! I was so happppppy!! Now the doctor thinks it may be twins!!! I still can't believe it!


D - March 23

Well, ours was not exactly planned, but as semi-intelligent humans, we knew the result of not using contraceptives... So, at first, I was numb, emotionless. Within 2 days, I yelled and cried in the middle of the office. Decided I absolutely didn't want it, and couldn't understand how I walked right into this one! I'd been looking for a reason to quit my job for well over a year, and then I realized I really don't want to quit. I have no intention to use daycare unless we get desperate - so I'm quitting! Well, now, almost 6 weeks later (I tested positive at 4w, and now am at 10w), I'm so miserable with m/s I can hardly wait to get this over with. Slowly, my excited days are getting to be more frequent than my scared days - although to look at me, I think I just look sick. I know I'll be fine, I just have to adjust to a whole new life - both an additional little one and a new one for me! Don't worry, I'll love the baby by the time its here! I've never seen a critter or child I didn't love.


amanda - March 23

When I found out we had only been married 3-4 weeks and had decided to wait a year for children. I always pictured me getting pregnant being so happy and telling my husband and both of us celebrating and smiling. Not the way it happened. After the 3rd test + I just cried and cried. I to feel guilty for my reaction but now, 32 weeks latter, I am happy and you cant hold on to how you reached don’t dwell on it as long as you are happy now that is all that matters!! Good luck!!


~S~ - March 23

I don't think I dwell on it, but I do think about it from time to time, only because I can't believe the dramatic change I now feel...It's crazy! I'm still a bit scared, but I think that's natural. The only thing I'm scared about is the financial part. But, I'm sure everything will work out. I didn't tell anyone until I decided what I was going to do, then my bf told his brother and sister, I told my aunt and my best friend. I think the first person that had an idea was my bf's friend...she happened to come by the evening we took the test. The empty box was sitting on the desk and we knew she saw it, but she didn't mention anything...until later that is...finally she asked him if I was pregnant, he said "No" because I didn't want anyone to know until we made a concrete decision, then once we decided to keep it, he had to tell her that I was. Now a handful of people know. I waited until I was about 2 months before I told my boss...i was scared, I don't know why but when I told him he was so happy as was the rest of my co-wokers. Actually, the head boss of our department just found out today and she came to congratulate me in the elevators LOL...ahhhh, slowly but surely everything is starting to become that much more real. =o)


~S~ - March 23

Ohh yeah...another thing...I began to fill out a baby book that my gf bought for me. One of the pages asks "What was mommy and daddy's reaction when you found out you were pregnant with me?" Hahaha...I sat there looking at my bf with a blank look and said..."so? what do I say? I don't want to say I cried my freakin eyes out, that'll be mean" I think I just said something like it was unplanned, mommy and daddy were shocked for awhile but then later realized that we were blessed with a wonderful gift. =oP



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