How Did You Tell Your Husband

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A - April 19

How did you break it to your husband that you were pregnant?


jena - April 19

oooh - i can't wait to hear the answers to this... my husband and i had to wait for a couple weeks to hear the results of my slow-rising hCG and multiple blood tests, so we really didn't "officially find out" until our u/s at 6 weeks and he was there - so i guess my doctor told/showed him! congrats!!


NickieDo - April 19

on 3/10 I realized i was 2 days late, we went to CVS and bought a pack of First response tests, buy 2 get one free. Well I took the first one, faint positive....hubby came upstairs, looked at it, didn't believe it, so i retook a 2nd one, again a faint positive, so i took the 3rd one the next morning at 4:30 and it was BFP :) I cried, he hugged n kissed me and smiled


mandy~ - April 19

i went to the doctors while he was at work, (i thought i was coming down with the flu) i took a urine test and there it was! i planed to take him to dinner to tell him, but he got to my house and before i could tell him we would go out for tea he told me he was expecting a good friend to be there, at his house right then!. so there we were him asking me how my day was in the car, on the way to his house and i was thinking 'do i tell him now? or do i wait till this friend of his leaves..' (mind you, this friend was one of those people who never leave when you want them too) so i just blurted it out. he paused and he just had a smile on his face. im not sure i think he actually thought i was joking! he was in shock all the way home, and kept looking at me and laughing. so he we got to his house, his friend wasnt there yet but his mum was! and i was waiting for him to break the news to her aswel! told her and she was over the moon and in shock, coz she only got giving another grandson 6 months before by her other son!:) soon after my partner was outside and i found him crying. i wasnt sure what he felt until he just grabed me and huged me so tight and told me he is so happy and was excited that he will be a dad. we just brought a house and we are expecting on july 31st! and we cant wait!!!!!


X - April 20

Boyfriend was at work but knew I was going to get the results at noon...and he asked me to tell him immediately (he couldn't wait either). So, after I found out the result of the blood test-- I called him and he sounded happy :).


Jamie - April 20

My husband told me! LOL - He had been going on about it for nearly a month, constantly telling me I was pregnant - I kept denying it, saying he was nuts. Finally, I snapped, and was like "If I take a ******* test, will you shut up about it already?" He agreed not to mention it again, if I took a test - heh...imagine my surprise when the test was positive, and he was right.


. - April 20



tina - April 20

my hubby had no idea. i sent him congratulation balloons to his work. the card inside said "we're pregnant!!!". he is a firefighter, so it was kinda funny him getting balloons like that with all the guys there. he called me imediately. he said, "i got balloons!" i was like, "what kind of award did u win?" just playin dumb. he said, "a baby!" he thought that was the most exciting way of telling him.


cll - April 20

my husband was on the phone and i took the home test POSITIVE!! so i brought the whole box and test up to him and just set it on his lap while he talked! really funny to watch him get all flustered and lose his place in the conversation. he wrapped that call up in a hurry and we hugged and cried! we're so excited for the second one!


Kristin - April 20

Hubby was sitting on the couch and i ran out of the bathroom, through the test at him and said, "see what you have done to me", i was in complete shock, he just laughed and hugged me.


leslie - April 20

well my story is a little different..I told him when he came right home from work...first thing he said was "you are kidding" then next thing he said "we can't have it for many reasons!!" and after 2 months (of crazy things that happened) it seems like he can't wait to see how is going to look like me or like him.. I am happy to say WE ARE VERY HAPPY!!


toes - April 20

with my first marraige, we went to the doctor and he ran the tests and told us to come back for the results. The day of the appt, I was feeling like c___p, achy, etc. So we get there, and he tells us the tests were positive. I just looked at my wife and said "that's nice, honey. Can we go home now?" lol I think I can get some slack for my reaction, tho--we got home and after I crawled into bed we took my temp, and it was 104.


Missy - April 20

We bought a house together and escrow closed on 2/4/05. On 2/4 I went to the store (after being over a week late on my period) without telling after lunch. I took the test at my office (at the time I worked completely alone here). Before I could even set the test on teh counter it was postive. I wanted to cry (maybe I did, a little) but I waited about 3 minutes before going back into the bathroom and it was still positive. We had just started trying and thought It would take a while since I had been on the pill for about 5 years at that time. I wanted to call him so bad I could explode, but i somehow held my little secret. That night we went to our new home and we were standing in the living room and I ran upstairs and called him up after me. As I stood in front of the two bedrooms (we have two bedrooms and a master bedroom) I turned to him and asked him which one he wanted to make the baby's room. He just kinda laughed and asked if I was ready to go (we were still living in our other place, getting ready to move). He went downstairs and I following him. The whole time I had the test in my back pocket. So he went to the bathroom and when he came out I said "Seriously, which room do you want to make the baby's room" and he was like, 'you're kidding, right?' and I handed him the test. He just hugged me and didn't say anything else.....except - What does it mean when you have sharp shooting pains down your left arm??? With the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face. We are now planning the baby's room and are expecting to find out the s_x on 5/4/05. EDD 10/2/2005


Desiree - April 20

My husband knew that I was late and what not. So he went to the store and bought me a couple tests. He left and I took the test and it was positive. When he came home he asked me what it said and I said yes. He wanted a baby so bad he said I was lying so I had to go get the test out of the trash and show him. He flipped out. he was really happy... He started calling everyone. Then I went to the dr. to make sure and all is well... Congrats to all those others out there that are pregnant. Cheers to healthy babies!


D - April 20

I had been suspicious I was pregnant a few months before, so I had secretly picked up a couple tests and some baby bibs - one said "Here Comes Trouble" and the other "I Love My Daddy" -- we had to help his sister unload her moving truck, and I figured we'd better know before she got here, so I took the test one morning while he was still asleep... Then I sneaked around and wrapped up the bibs and positive test in valentine paper. When he woke up, I told him since his sis was moving to town, and we'd be busy over Valentine's day helping her move, I thought I'd give him his gift early. He looked at it, said ok, and set it on the headboard and forgot about it! I waited a while, then asked him if he was going to open it! When he did, he kinda paused, then laughed. I asked him if it was what he expected, and he said, "No!" Then for the next two weeks, he proceeded to stress out! I did too... He's excited now, though! At least, he's as excited as a super-mellow guy gets!


~S~ - April 20

I walked out of the bathroom and handed him the pregnancy stick. lol.


~S~ - April 20

ACTUALLY...he knew I was pregnant before I knew, because of the symtoms I was having. He already has 2 kids so he's familiar with this....We were spending xmas with my family and him and I made a bet. He bet I was pregnant and I bet I wasn't, I totally thought I'd win this, so we put $50 on it haha...Well, my period was due to come and sure enough, it did come, but very very light. I Came out of the bathroom with a huge smile on my face, I think my family was a bit confused as to why I came walking out of the bathroom all happy looking! haha We didn't say a word of our hint to them...But then the next day, my period was gone. We forgot about it during xmas but when we got back home, I rushed to the 24hr drug store and picked up a clearblue test. I went into the bathroom, did want was to be done and it came out a faint positive. I walked out with a blank look on my face (kinda worried) and he just knew, all he had to say was "See I told you" and he had a smile on his face. I think his smile was more for the fact that he was right lol...So then I sat down beside him and started to cry. I think I cried for like 2 weeks. He was very supportive tho, but that's how we found out. =0)



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