How Did You Tell Your Sweetie

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KAY - November 2

How did you all tell your sweetie you were pregnant,and what was his first reaction?I took a hpt and laid it in the bathroom on the sink and told my sweetie i had a surprise in the bathroom for him,he went in there and in seconds came running out yelling(its two lines not one)then picked me up and swung me was very emotional.


lena - November 2

congrats on the joy,let me see i just said john i took a pregnancy test and it was positive,his reaction was (GET RID OF IT) but of course im not going to.even if he dont want the baby i still do


Jamie - November 3

He told me for about a month...kept nagging at me that I was pregnant. I took a test to prove him wrong, and ate crow. (not literally)


Cathy - November 3

My husband was away on a camping trip with the guys. I took a test and freaked out. we were not trying and did use protection. I called him on his cell phone and told him while he was sitting around the campfire. I shouldn't have done it that way, but I was totally freaked out!! Anyways it took a minute for it to sink in and then I heard all the guys whooping and hollaring in the backround. He was so proud of himself. And a little drunk to I think. LOL


Ashley - November 3

Well, I took the last test without telling him while he was on the phone with his sister long distance. I'd taken two other tests but I really, really felt pregnant and I'd waited almost two weeks to test again. Almost imediately it came back with two lines!! I opened the bath room door and growled at him, "Get OFF the phone!" He didn't know what was wrong but he hung up real quick and I opened the bathroom door again and said, "We're pregnant!" He grabbed me and swung me around the living room and held me and it was the most incredible happy time! Then I started to panic that I'd miss-read the test, we were both so happy!!!! After we calmed down he went and bought another one and had me take it in the morning just to make sure, and yup, I was preggers! ;) We are very excited to meet this baby in Feb!!! :)


April - November 3

Congratulations!!! Unfortunately I am not married to my sweetie, but we do work together. I told him one day at work I wanted to come over and talk and he was nagging me so much all day that I gave in and told him at work. Needless to say, he was ghost white and apologized for "ruining" my life. Thankfully now, we are both excited and happy about the addition and new "joy" to our life!!!


karen - November 3

I took the test one Saturday morning while my husband was playing golf. I tried to think of some cute way to tell him, but my heart was pounding and I was so excited and nervous at the same time (I'd had a previous miscarriage) that when he got home, I just shoved the test in his face. He was excited and we spent the rest of the day shopping for baby books and looking at baby stuff. :)


Dustie - November 3

I showed my DH the test, we were both in shock since we were not "trying". After the shock, excitement set in. We can't wait!!


Krista - November 3

I did the test with my cousin (she was already 7 weeks preg and we hope to be preg at the same time) then I went and bought a new baby card. I wrote a loving message in it. When my dh got home I gave him the card and when he was done he looked at me in amazement and I then handed him the positive test. He was estatic. Swung me around and cried. We had been trying for a long time. :-)


Kal - November 3

We were convinced that there was no way I could be pregnant, as we'd only had s_x twice in the month we conceived, and neither time was around my ovulation date. We were only taking a test so that I could go to the doctor and say "I'm worried because I haven't got my period" without him sending us straight back home to do a test. Anyway, DH was so confident that I wasn't that he even put his computer football game on while I was in the bathroom. I came downstairs holding the test to find him in the kitchen making I told him to sit down, and then handed him the test. You've never seen anyone look so shocked! He went into a state of panic, but we're both incredibly excited now! Baby is due May 12th xxx


Jamie - November 3

I took the test over at my friend's house who lives right next door. I did it without him knowing because I didn't want to disappoint him if it came up negative. It came up a faint positive so I ran to tell the dh. He was watching tv and I said it is positive..his reaction...ok, I had a miscarriage in May so he was kinda scared and happy at the same time. But when he saw the first ultrasound he had that little grin on his face. It was too cute!


Beth S - November 3

it was around christmas when i took the test so i found these cute little teddy bears attached by a heart pillow, stuck the test in between them and wrapped it. when he came home i gave it to him and told him that this was one present he had to open now. he opened it, sat there for awhile, started crying and kept saying "are you really??" it was great


KAY - November 3

Sorry lena to hear your sweeties reaction but im sure once the baby gets here he will love that baby,hang in there.the rest of you have wonderful experiences of sharing the joyous news of your precious baby is due in march,a little girl.


M - November 3

I left a note in his lunch look in his back pocket of his pants... we work in the same place so when he found the test he went in a rush to ask me...if it was true.I said YES he hugged me everyone just looked and asked whats going on everyone at work found out that day..He kinda was scared to since I had had a misscarige last year in July... But so far everything is going well with this pregancy Im 29 weeks and can't wait for baby to be born in Jan 2006 this is my first and for him it will be his 4th


patsy - November 3

how i told him was i went out and bought a pack of newborn diapers and a life size newborn babydoll and when he got home i had them on the kitchen table,he said whats that stuff for,i said for you to pratice with,his eyes got so big and he said you mean you are ,are you pregnant i said duh,he said yippee threw down his lunch pail grabbed the doll set it down then grabbed me and we went into the bedroom to celebrate.


jenn - November 4

i told my b/f of 4 yrs who keeps saying he wnts to have a future with me and my daughter by getting married down the road and the having kids. but i guess it happenend sooner anyways i told him and he doesn't want it and there is nothing i can say or do that wil change his mind now i feel so alone


liz - November 4

My husband new even before I did that I was pregnant. He kept saying "You are acting like a raging b___h all the are pregnant." I kept denieing it...hell I had just givin birth a mere 3 months before....I didn't even think it was possable. I took the test secretly while he was a work and it was positive. I'm ashamed to say I cried at first because I was a bit over whelmed at the prospect of having a one year old and an infant. A few hours later I called him at work and told him the news...and to my surprise he was thrilled. Turns out he had always wanted them to be close in age because that's how he and his brother grew up. When he came home he walked in the door with flowers and chinese....he knows it's my fav. I'm 9 weeks along and my son is five months. He is the lite of my life and as the weeks go by I am more and more excited about having my second little miracle



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