How Do I Tell My Boyfriend I Want To Get Pregnant

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LAQ - April 26

Hi, I am 22 yrs old and me and my boyfriend been togather for a long time now. I really want to tell him that I want a baby, but I just don't now how to. I feel like I'm at that age where I am ready to have a child because I am very responsible and financial ready. I need ideas on how to bring it to his attention without him getting mad at me. I'm not for sure if he will get mad but I just don't want to push him away. Most of the time we are off and on using protection. I'm not on bc pills and when we don't use condoms he pull out just before releasing himself. So if someone could please help me find a way to tell him or some how do whatever to bring it up to him, or have a baby. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!


kellie - April 27

Honestly, if you can't comfortably talk about things like this with him, then I don't think you are ready to have a baby with him. I have been with my husband for 8 years (married for 3) and I knew he was the one because we could talk about anything. That does NOT mean, however, that he always agreed with me......he is just now ready to start trying for a baby. I was ready years ago, but I didn't push him because I knew that if it wasn't something that he was ready for, he wouldn't be the great father that my baby deserves.


Stace - April 27

Having a child together is the most important thing you will ever do. To be honest I have to agree with Kellie if you are considering having a child with this man then he has to be someone who you can aproach about ANYTHING. My advice would be to just come out right and ask him if he sees children in your future together and if so when, then lead it round to your feelings. Good luck!


CyndiG - April 27

I would probably start with, let's get married.......then let's have a baby.....good luck!


AshleyB - April 27

I agree with CyndiG.. Having children with someone is such a wonderful thing you want to be sure he's not going to take off on you. You need to commit to eachother before you commit to another person you bring into the world. Be patient honey, choose your steps carefully, they will shape the rest of your life.


oz - April 27

i agree with kellie and stace. If you can comfortably talk about his your relationship is not ready. I dont beleive you need to be married first as marriage doesnt mean he wont take off on you but you do need to be commited and be able to talk about anything and everything. I have been with my partner for over 8 years (since i was 18) and we are committed 100%. We built a house together etc and live just the same as any married couple. We will proabably get married one day but it is not something we are planning to do any time soon. If you really want this i suggest siutting down and start talking about children in general EG: how many kids would you like and how old would you like to be when you have your first or ask what he would like to do before he becomes a father. GOODLUCK xx



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