How Do I Tell My Boyfriend Im Pregnan

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Brittany - November 7

I am 14 years old and i need help telling my boyfriend i am going to have a baby


redeem - November 8

first off, you seem kind of young to have a baby. Only if you're absolutely sure you're ready to raise a child of your own should you keep it. If you're going to talk to your boyfriend, just come out and say it. Sit down with him with one of your parents outside to prevent him from running out from you. Tell him you're scared of what will happen with you and him now that you're expecting. Talk about what you two are going to do. Talk about anything and everything pertaining to that little life inside of you. Also, don't wait. It will only get harder as you get further along. It's better to tell him straight out instead of surprising him with a huge stomach.


Anne - November 8

Wow. Having a baby at 14 years old. Are you sure you are ready to take on that responsability? I feel like if you can't accept the fact that if you have s_x, you may get pregnant and if you can't be straight with your lover then you shouldn't really even be having s_x in the first place. Not to be harsh, just truthful.


Rachel - November 16

Brittany, I am struggling with the same delimna well except that I am six years older than you. I know how scared you are. We both have made the mistake of having s_x without thinking of the consequences. However, you are going to have to do a whole lot of thinking and even praying. You must decide what you want to do with your life, believe it or not telling your boyfriend that you are going to be having his child will be the easiest part. You must decide whether or not you can care for this child. A baby should be seen as a gift rather than a burden, so I think that if you see the baby being a burden on your life, then you should allow someone else who is older and more mature to care for the child and raise the child. Since you are so young you need to decide what you want to do with your life, once you have a child and choose to keep it, the child is your responsibility for the rest of your life. To tell your boyfriend, you must just come out and say it, there is nothing to sugar-coat, just tell him plain and simple that you are pregnant and you two have a decision to make as to who will raise the child. I wish you all the luck in the world and my prayers will be with you!


shazney - November 16

ok first off...its hard too tell your boyfriend your pregnant your scared of the reaction your gonna get or if your gonna be alone through it was hard too tell my boyfriend at first but hes the only one for me to turn too so i had to tell him and hope for suport...he should be the first person you tell hes part of it and has got to help you through it...although its hard you just have to sit him down and explain im sure he'll be understanding...also 14 is way too young specially for america you aint legal..or in UK you have to be 16 think before you act woman :) you'll be fine telling him..good luck


CHERYL PAZ - November 17

i suggest u find out if u are pregnent first then tell him and figure out what u want to do


Jenny L - November 18

I had my first child when I was 15. I told my boyfriend and he said that perhaps I'll get my period the following month. I was very naive about everything. The following month, his response was the same. We were both in denial. I started getting bigger and bigger. At 6 months, I talked to some friends and called some hospitals about how to get an abortion and they explained to me that I was too far along and referred me to an OB/GYN. My "friends" apparently spread the news throughout school and church. Our pastor came called my house to confirm if what he had heard was true or not. When I finally admitted that I was pregnant, our pastor had called a meeting with both sets of parents, which made things worse. Our parents were fighting about whose fault it was, who was going to raise the baby, whether or not to force us to get married etc. My school asked me to transfer to a pregnancy school and our church eventually banned me from attending until after the baby was born and even used our situation in one of their sermons (no names, but everyone knew). After the baby was born, I was able to transfer back to my high school. My high school years were the worst years of my life, my boyfriend and his family up and left with no support and told everyone that the baby wasn't his. Some of our "friends" believed him and some believed me. I eventually had to locate him and take him to court for child support. Boys did not want to truly be my friend and be seen with me and have rumors started and ruin their reputation. It was very difficult. I am married now to a wonderful caring man who loves me for me and my personality and does not care what happened in the past as we have our future to look forward to. I have 2 additonal children with my husband and 1 on the way. My daughter is now 23 years old and graduating college and plans to be a school teacher for 2nd or 3rd grade students. Hopefully, you will not have to experience what I went thru. Good luck to you and take care.



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