How Do You Combat Quot Morning Quot Sickness

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~michelle~ - October 11

I am a victim of first trimester "morning" sickness.... morning, noon, and night! I do all I can think of, and nothing works. This morning I ate crackers and drank Sprite before getting out of bed, and I still puked. YUCK! I'd like to hear some tricks that worked for all of you. Thanks!


Bonnie - October 11

I suffered with severe nausea all day long, in fact, I never left my house for 4 weeks it was so bad. Unfortunately, nothing I tired worked for me :( Hopefully you are luckier. By the 12th week I was really depressed and didn;t want to be pregnant anymore, though the 12 week scan really cheered me up! :D Then between weeks 12 and 14 it went away completely! Since then (I am 25 weeks now) it has been fantastic! So try not to get too discouraged, it won't last. :) for the things I was told to try....Ginger in any form, travel sickness bands, eating small amounts of bland foods OFTEN (didn't stop my nausea, but at least I had something to throw up, lol)(I actually based what I ate on what would be less nasty coming up), eat crackers or bananas before getting out of the bed, try to eliminate any smells that set you off (this was impossible for me and was a major issue).......when all else fails, ask your doctor and stress how bad you have been. I found out later (in the UK at least) that there is a pill to help with sickness but they don't like giving it out. I just thought there was nothing I could do and suffered the whoel time, kinda bugs me that maybe there was another option. Good luck sweetie!


Lena - October 11

I've been suffering from horrible ms too. I've tired several things to alleviate the sickness, though I'm still nauseous 24/7. (Nursing a major "hangover" this morning from vomitting last night.) I've learned several things from my pg coworkers as there are 4 of us all within 3 weeks of each other. Perhaps some of these will work for you: Saltine crackers (salt-free variety) before getting out of bed. Sip sprite/7up/ginger ale 20 minutes later. Always separating food from drink by at least 20 minutes. Sucking on hard candy. I found the Ginger Root altoids to be a blessing. Some woman get relief from preggie pops. Benadryl. I keep the children's chewables with me. They don't cause as much drowsiness and I can take them anywhere since i don't need water. Eating small quant_ties often. I found I feel more sick if I don't eat or I eat too much. I actually eat a small portion of my meal and then reheat it and eat more an hour later. And finally get plenty of sleep and rest. I've found the more tired I am, the more nauseous I feel.


~michelle~ - October 11

Thanks ladies. This is very helpful. Bonnie, I was wondering what you are having, if you have found out. I felt nothing like this with my 2 boys. People are telling me that sicker pregnancies many times mean girls. It may be an old wives tale, but just wondering.... Anyone else have any tips??


Bonnie - October 11

I'm having a boy, lol. He was pretty obvious about showing his bits too so there is no doubt :D I think it's just luck with each pregnancy. I sure do feel for ya though. If it gets too horrible, then make sure your doc knows. Maybe they can at least give you something to help, I wish I had done that. At least it doesn't last though! :)


~michelle~ - October 11

I sure hope my doc can give me something to help. Everything makes me sick. I have my first ultrasound tomorrow, so I'm going to tell her all about the way I feel. I have got to do something. I've already missed a day and a half of work this week. I'll go broke at this pace. LOL Congrats on your boy! I love my boys, but I am aching for a little girl!


bump - October 12


karen - October 12

Michelle, I was wondering if you did get anything at your appointment this morning for your nausea. I have known several people who had to get a prescription for nausea medication because they couldn't keep anything down. I think my morning sickness has subsided now, but ginger ale helped me a lot. I didn't know altoids had ginger root flavor, but I bet those would help. Personally, the preggie pops made it worse for me. Every time I tried one, I immediately threw up, or it made me feel worse. Good luck! Hopefully you're almost through it.


~michelle~ - October 12

karen, my appointment is this afternoon, and I am sure hoping my doc will give me some kind of prescription! Thanks for the tips! :o)



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