How Do You Deal With That Clothing Middle Stage

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~m~ ...... the obnoxious pregnant lady! - February 22

As some of you know, I'm newly preggo! And I've been posting like a madman today, but here goes another ---- I'm already so bloated that even my biggest pair of pants is tight. However, I'm not big enough for maternity clothes yet. So what did you all do when you outgrew your regular clothes, but didn't fill out maternity? Is it pregnancy faux pas to wear the fitted maternity tops when there's barely a belly there?


Chelle - February 22

Use a rubber band thru the loop and around the b___ton of your pants (if they're b___ton and not snap. Or wear pants with elastic waists.


Heavenly - February 22

Hey ~m~!! I went out and bout maternity pants right away cuz you can get them to fit you now and through your whole pregnancy. As far as the tops I started wearing those at about 4 months. Alot of my tops are from my regular wardrobe. Not to mention there are alot of maternity tops out now that you could wear now. Target and Kohls has an awesome selection. Oh and Old Navy. Try Old Navy on line.


Monica - February 22

I bought maternity clothes the moment I turned 4 months. I can not stand anything tight around me and maternity clothes is so comfortable and cute. Besides maternity clothes makes me look pregnant and not fat....


Rachel* - February 22

The same thing happened to me with my pants. At 5 weeks I went to JC Pennys and purchased some maternity pants that have a large elastic waistband (instead of that kangaroo panel look). They are a bit loose still (I'm now 10 weeks) but my clothes were so darn uncomfortable that I had to do something. I have been wearing my regular tops, the larger ones--nothing too fitted. I also bought some cute colored t-shirts in a size larger than what I am normally so they fit looser and are a bit longer. They were cheaper than the maternity t-shirts too. Just do whatever is comfortable. My work still doesn't know that I'm expecting ;)


ekay - February 22

I took an elastic hairtie, basically a ruberband and did what Chelle did. I wore a belt over that though so no one could tell. I HATE the inbetween 'Hey, she looks pregnant, but she could just be pudgy' stage.


To ~m~ - February 22

I am in the same boat as your are - too big for my clothes, too small for maternity. I have just been buying pants with lycra or some other stretch material so that I am still comfortable without wearing maternity clothes just yet. I am at 8 weeks and look more like I haven't been to the gym versus being pregnant, if you know what i mean. BTW, have you gone to the Dr yet?


~m~ - February 22

I had blood drawn yesterday from my local clinic on my doc's orders (he is over an hour away). I have to have blood drawn again to make sure my hcg is rising as it should. My 1st prenatal visit is March 17.... St. Patty's Day!! Hope the Luck 'O The Irish smiles on me!! As for the clothing, I'm making hubby pull down my maternity clothes from the attic tonight. Maybe I've got some "middle stage" clothing I'm forgetting about. It has been 2 years since I've worn them, so maybe I have some stretchy pants. I know I have some fitted maternity tops that I continued to wear until the post-baby belly was gone. So maybe they'll be ok to wear now. I've got to do something though. I'll be called an idiot in maternity clothes (or my hubby's clothes) before I'll go all day uncomfy as hell! :o) Small town busy-bodies are ruthless, but I seriously have this UP YOURS att_tude toward the old bitties that whisper about my tattoos (foot and lower back), potty mouth, and hip clothing. Screw 'em! LOL


KM - February 22

I hated wearing maternity clothes. I just hated the way ppl looked at me in general for being pregnant. I almost felt embara__sed,which is horrible because pregnancy is when you are supposed to feel good about yourself and want to flaunt it :(. I wore my normal clothes up until 6 mnths..then I just bought pants a few sizes bigger, I wore sweatpants/gym pants everywhere unless it was unappropriate. I only bought like 2 maternity tank tops. The inbetween stage definitely does suck tho


Ashley - February 22

SWEAT PANTS!!! I live in sweat pants!!!!



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