How Do You Get Rid Of Nausea

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Marie - September 12

I am allergic to Zofran-ODT and many other meds. How can I ease the nausea and get more food in me? Thank you


Anonny - August 14

When i was pregnant i felt really nauseas, i had the followin. Arrow root buiscuits. Ginger, or sucking on mints. Different things work for different people. though. Hope you find something though hun.


kellie - August 14

OMg i am so sorry has your doc tried Phenegran 12.5 or 25 mg I know that for both my last pregnancys that it worked for me this one infact it has not and i have been on zofran. But until i could get the medication i needed i usually had good luck with coke cola. it would ease my nausa quiet a bit and i was able to eat also eating very small amounts and staying away from acid things such as tomatos and weird smells usually helped me i wish you the best of luck.


UNKNOWN - August 14



kellie - August 14

i am 7 months right now and with my last preg i had it the whole time but there are things that you just have to try that sometimes take the edge off and make it friend would eat mild chedder cheese i drink coke eat cheese crackers or ritz crackers everyone is different good luck


Donica - September 5

Ginger Ale and lots of cold water. If you feel the nausea lifting and want to eat please try to eat veggies and fruits first. I made the mistake of piling down breads and fats when my nausea went away for a bit. I was terribly stopped up, so when the nausea came back I had that, gas pains, and constipation. It was hell on earth.


niti - September 12

how to get rid of preganancy without abortion


hailey - September 13

Try soaking a chunk of fresh ginger root in hot water and drinking it a half hour befor eating I find this helps ease my nausea


monique - September 13

Pack salted crackers with you.



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