How Do You Know If You Have Hpv

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help - April 14

How do HPV look? Does it cause itching?


Kristin - April 14

You can go and get tested, your local Planned Parenthood could give you a a pap smear and that I believe will show up, I think?


Heidi - April 14

Go get tested for it. They'll do a pap test. There's many forms of HPV. Generally, they're v____al warts, but there's higher strains of HPV that you never see and are in your cervix and sometimes pregnancy can trigger these cells and they can start to change and become cancerous if not detected.


. - April 14

dont get all freaked out...only about 1 in 100 people with the HPV virus get warts. but it can cause cervical cancer so get your paps once a year.


April - April 14

I have the HPV virus (no warts though... it's in my cervix). It's still in the pre-cancerous stage but they can't do anything about it until after I have the baby. Apparently this virus is pretty common because a lot of people I know have had it. Including my sister and cousin. It will show up when you have a pap smear done, so if you've had one recently and they didn't find anything then I wouldn't worry. Just make sure you get your pap done every year. That was my mistake. I hadn't had one in 2 years, and then I got pregnant the weekend after I finally had mine done, so by the time they found the HPV they couldn't do anything about it.


stacie - April 14

it can look like small cauliflower-looking bumps, and it itches and burns like crazy. It can also look like small red bumps


nicole - April 14

i have it and its something u can detect BEFORE u actually have any warts show up thu blood work. have u ever had a little cluster of blackheads on ur face they feel like...hard and bumpy. and most of the time theyre flesh colored but u can feel them, or sometimes u cant and the only way to detect them is to have the doctor put diluted vinegar on the whole area and the parts that are infected will show up as white. but they can also be the bumps but be in clusters and look like cauliflower. mine dont itch, but then again i only have a couple, so ur best bet is to ask ur doctor.


nicole - April 14

oh the kind a__sociated with cervial cancer can only be detected thru a pap and if the results come back negative then theyll put diluted vinegar all on it to see where theyre at on ur cervix so they know where they have to treat. but either way ur doctor most likely wont let u do anything until after the baby is born. she offered to use acid on mine but i opt for the cream after the baby's born.



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