How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Deaf

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Trish# - July 6

I think I am paranoid but am worried that my baby could be deaf?? I am 33wk pg and our smoke alarm went off 3 times (DH burnt dinner, bless his heart)'s real loud and my baby moves a lot most of the time but did not respond to this loud, shrill noise. Then I had some testing today and to get the baby to move they put a vibrator-thingy to my abdomen to get her to move but she didn't. Anyway, I know I'm just a worried first-time mom but was wondering when deafness can be determined? Shouldn't she have heard and reacted to these noises? And I hope this post does not offend anyone. I'm sure some of you have deaf children who are true blessings, or may even be deaf yourself and I by no means wish to offend anyone. I just worry about every little thing and wonder if this is cause for concern? Thanks!!


Been There - July 6

When I had my second daughter, they performed a routine test on her in the hospital the day after she was born to check her hearing. They put some type of electrode wires on her head and playing sounds. While doing so, they were checking brain wave patterns for response to the sounds. What did they tell you about the testing they did on your baby today? Were they concerned? It's possible the baby just didn't care to react to the noise or is a sound sleeper. Hopefully that's all.


Trish# - July 6

Thanks. So they can determine deafness right after birth? They didn't say anything about it today nor did I ask. I think I'll ask next visit just to (hopefully) ease my mind. I'm sure it's my imagination. However between these 2 incidences I'm a little concerned but maybe for no reason.


Patti - July 6

My son slept through Navy jets flying over very low (lived near Air station). That was after birth. Many babies sleep through loud noises. Also, your baby would be stimulated by the vibrator, not so much the noise. It could have just been sleepy and content. Been There is right they check hearing after birth. Try not to worry, even though it's hard not to worry about our little angels.


ChannY - July 6

I thought my kid would be..but she aint. she sleeps through loud noises..when she was a few days old, i did some testing with slamming cupboards and the dogs were barking she im like..thanking god. I took her to get her hearings done and she response to all the noises. so they said shes healthy and shes not deaf so im like..phew..thanks god!


Soontobemom - July 7

My baby is very stubborn, if she wants to sleep, nothing can wake her up. It is prob just your nerves and anxiety about everything being ok. Don't worry, we have all had those lately. I had a vision of my baby having some wierd facial abnormalities (saw something on tv once)... got a 3d ultrasound and she's perfect...


Trish# - July 7

Thanks, girls! Did any of you have "sound sleepers" in utero, though? Or just as babies? I know I'm probably just anxious.


mcatherine - July 7

I used to say my son was deaf when I was pregnant with him. He never moved or jumped with loud noises. At three weeks old - he slept through an entire fair! We took him in for testing and once he even slept through the hearing test. The thing is: he was just a sound sleeper - nothing more or less. As a baby and as he grew older, we never had to shut his bedroom door - I could vacc_m right outside of it during his nap and he wouldn't roll over, we had friends over until very late laughing and talking and he just snored away.... If he fell asleep on the couch, we didn't have to move him so we didn't wake him up - he just slept so soundly all the time. Today, he is 10 years old and the alarm right beside his head will go continue to go off until I go in his room and turn it off. We had his hearing checked again when he was 6 and 8 - he's just fine. A major concerns is, of course, not hearing the fire alarm - we keep a fire ladder attached to his window sill at all times. I know how you feel - because I was there once - a very long time ago :o) Your baby is probably just fine!


sahmof3 - July 7

When I was pregnant I had very active babies, but I don't really remember them reacting to loud sounds. Once, when I was about 7 1/2 mos. along, a piece of food set the burner on fire on our stove. The alarm went off and I screamed, and Nathan didn't even react! They all pa__sed their hearing tests in the hospital. One of my baby books says that in the womb, it's like living next to busy freeway, with the mother's digestion and all, so maybe they are so used to hearing all of that noise that they don't even care about the muffled sounds they hear outside of the womb.


Trish# - July 7

Thanks SO much girls. You are really easing my mind! I've really let my imagination run wild. I guess there's also a chance that she IS responding but that I just don't feel it. She's very active most of the time!


ThePezChick - July 7

My husband is a musician so we go to shows frequently. My son doesn't wake up during the music, even when I'm close to the speakers. These are live shows with loud music. It shocked me at first, then I figured he's just used to it. Funniest thing.... When he has awaken and moved it was only when his dad's band WASN'T playing. LOL


d16mond - July 9

Hi there Trish, I have a four year old who has minimal hearing in both ears. We didn't find this out for a long time. She would shout rather then talk, and it has taken her longer to learn how to talk, her speach development still isn't quite up to her age group. She would wake in the night screaming, and she had some behaviour problems. She is having speach therapy and we have been adviced to get gromits but we are looking at other ways to help this situation. You wont know until your baby is born. All the best. Keep positive.


Trish# - July 11

Well, I was hoping my OB would ease my mind today but he didn't. I just told him about the smoke alarm going off and he said not to worry, that the chances of my bub being deaf are very remote. Then he said, "there's this probe they can use during your NSTs that she will hear and respond to"--not knowing that she didn't last time! and I said, "well, they used that last week to get her to move and she didn't" and was like, "oh..." I mean, he said not to worry but I can't help it. I know I'm being silly. I just hope this isn't a mothers intuition thing! I know there's nothing at all I can do about this situation and that worrying does nothing for it. Still. :(


Tootles - June 12

Hi Trish, It's 3 years later and I'm thinking what you were thinking about your baby while you were pregnant... It would be interesting to know what the outcome was of your baby's hearing when she was born... Pls could you update the post and then you can a__sist pregnant mothers with the same concerns..


amandalsteele - August 3

Trish, I have the same concern. My child was born on March 1, 2011 and she is now 5 months old. I always noticed that she really didn't respond to noise since she was born. This has become even more appartant to me now. A week ago I was in a car accident. I was holding both of my children screaming and the oldest one started crying with me. My 5 month old just let me scream in her ear and she did not move or make a sound. I had her checked at the hospital and I accidently slammed a door with her in my arms and she didn't so much as blink at the noise. Now, I calling her name and talking to her but she doesn't notice me until I'm right in her face. Only once she has seen someone does she respond with a smile or a laugh. I'm freaking out and worried because I can't remember if the hospital gave me a little sheet of paper saying they tested my child's hearing. I'm a first time mom too and now I'm freaking out about her not being able to hear.


MichBene - October 16

All you mothers disappoint me. Of all the things that can go wrong with a pregnancy and you are worried about deafness? My husband is deaf, hereditary, there's a high chance my daughter may be deaf. And for one of you to say 'thank god she's healthy and not deaf' you are a rude ignorant discraceful person. Deaf people are NOT unhealthy nor broken! I hope my child is never around your children if they are anything like their 'concerned' ignorant parents. If there was a test for deafness would you all abort? Disgusting. 



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