How Do You Know When The Baby Drops

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P - March 7

At my last doctors appointment she said the baby was breech so I have to have a c-section. It's scheduled for this Friday. What happens if the baby drops down before then? How do I know if it does and what will the doctors do? I kinda like knowing when then baby is coming... :) Is there a definite feeling when it moves down? Thanks. :-)


E - March 8

I only know the feeling of my baby dropping, head down, and not breech. For me, there is intense pain in the a___l and v____al area and I use the bathroom ~ 8 times per night. It just feels different. It can be hard to explain. I am not sure how it will feel for you given that you have a breech baby. Your baby's head will not be pressing against your bladder or cervix, so you may have a more difficult time noticing.


P - March 8

Sorry if I was unclear. I did mean what does it feel like if it drops head down. Do you think there's no chance of it going head down now? I think right now it's laying sideways. I think that's called transverse breech. I had some people tell me their baby's turned a weekd before delivery etc. Of course their "baby's" are all well over twenty now... I was just wondering if there was a chance that I will have a regular delivery at this point.


tiffani - March 8

I would a__sume since you're scheduled to deliver on Friday, you're atleast 38 weeks??? Has your doctor attempted to turn the baby? I know it's said that babies don't tend to move into other positions in the last couple of weeks because of lack of "wiggle room" but if your baby is in a transverse breech position, there may still be hope. My daughter was breech until the 39th week, and when she dropped she turned, but I still ended up with a c section.


crystal - May 16

i think that i am going to have a baby but how can i tell for myself


sherriehuntress - June 4

when my baby dropped i felt pressure in the viginia area and pains in my groin area (is the very inner thigh area)


Jordan Wolford - September 4

How can you tell when the baby's head is dropping farther into the birth ca___l. What are some other signs that you are about to go into the first stage of labor besides contractions?



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