How Do You Treatpregnancy Related Acne

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Cassie - May 3

I have never had more than 1 or 2 pimples at a time. I am about 10 weeks along and i am experiencing moderate acne around my nose, hairline, and especially chin. My usual skin care regimine is NOT working anymore. (I use(d) Clinique's 3-Step System) I have never used an on-the-spot treatment. What should I do? What do you girls recommend. BTW I have mostly DRY skin.


Holly - May 3

Ca__sie I experienced the same thing, I went to a dermatoligest and she told me to start using ProActiv, BIG mistake, I got acne way worse using that It made me look like a scaly lizzard too! I did some research and found that products with Salysidic (sp?) acid worked better for me since I already have dry skin. It does not dry out your skin like the other acne treatments with b. peroxide in them. Believe it or not I have been using Clearisil Advance and it is working great. I never thought I would go cheap on something like skincare but I do have to say that this is the only thing that works for me!! Hope this helps!


Tracy W - May 3

I always had great skin. Never knew it must have been my bc pills. As soon as I quit them I got acne. And when I became pregnant it didn't change. I use MaryKay products for it. Seems to work pretty well.


Julia - May 3

A very good moisturizer is Olay Regenerist, it is worth the $20. I am not pregnant, but used to get acne occasionally, now I never do!


crystal - May 3

Ca__sie....i encountered the same problem never had acne before i got pregnant now i do all over. My doctor told me to try Noxzema and it really seems to work for me. I guess you just have to try different things until you find one that works. Good Luck


Billie - May 3

I also use Noxema. But instead of the creamy stuff, I use their new product.... Noxema wet! All it is is wet clothes with noxema on it. After I use it my face feels clean. I also have dry skin in certain areas so I also use a moisturizer from Clean and Clear. It's actually a moisturizer and pimple fighter in one. I have been blemish free for most of my pregnancy.


Ca__sie - May 3

AWESOME. I was walking thru walmart yesterday and was thinking of buying a "cheapie". I think I will try one of your recommendations. Thank You So Much!


TehProgamer - May 3

ABORTION!!! joke! i think better hygiene and enough sleep will be enough


tara - May 3

I just wash my face more often and use a scrub at least once a day. Wear less make up and drink a lot of water. Washing your face 2-3 times a day will make it dry but you'll need to moisturize regularly as well. I use the Evian skin care products and absolutly love them.


TX Girrrl - May 3

Plenty of sleep, plenty of water, washing your face twice daily . . . also, I use astringent/toner at night and that is the only thing that clears my skin. I don't have problem skin except when I'm pregnant.


Babydoll - May 3

I have dry skin, and have battled with acne that worsened with pregnancy. I had the same problem with proactiv....that stuffs a rip off....I've been using Loreal Pure Zone Astringent and scrub cleanser and it works wonders for me...keeps my face perfectly clear. You should wash your face in the morning and at nite. I also recommend using Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask 1-2 times a week. it dries up acne. Also remember to keep your hair and hands very clean, avoid touching your face. Drink plenty of water and try to lessen your stress.


stacey - May 3

Wow, I wish I would have read this strand sooner. Well, it just started so I wish it would have been here sooner.. I am not pregnant (yet), but since going off of bc my skin- especially under chin is terrible. I just bought proactiv- so I hope it works better on me than it did or you gals :) So far so good, but it's only been a few days.


Babydoll - May 4

it all really depends on your skin type. I think proactiv is better for normal to oily skin. Too harsh on dry skin types.


Kelly - May 4

If possible, I would ask a Dermatologist as well as your ob/gyn. Be careful with over the counter products, especially clearisil. I work for a Dermatologist and she prescribed a product called Emgel, which is 2% erythromycin. She told me that very few products are safe in the first trimester, even though they are topical, and my ob/gyn told me the same thing. She also has me using Cetaphil cleanser since this is the most gentle on your skin. It is formulated for dry skin and there is also one for more oily skin prone to acne which mine has become since I've been pregnant. You can buy it at any drugstore or a place like Target. There are no active ingredients in it and no fragrances which can irritate the skin. Stay away from products like Noxema if you can - it can have negative long term effects on your skin. And I apologize in advance if I sound negative in any way. There are just too many products out there that can potentially cause birth defects and it's always important to check with a doctor first. The products I use have worked for me and cleared up my acne in just a couple of days.


Babydoll - May 4

Kelly- Thanks for the info, have ou heard anything about Loreal pure zone, having neg effects?



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